What it’s like to be a girl in VRCHAT

So I got this playlist in my YouTube that I titled Interesting

The playlist was public, but I feels the playlist doesn’t fit with the content of my YouTube channel… and I scared I might add some inappropriate vids to that playlist, so I private it

PS. I also have Inspire playlist that I really want to make a segment in this blog… wait I think when internet come together to helpEagle fly so high that it only bumps to other eagle, and Don’t change your life style should be in this category… I need to restructure this blog again -,-

So I found that vids

The vids is… funny, but the interesting part is… the video is about sexism in internet

Especially in video games, this problem come to my attention because PewDiePie’s recent videos, like Tik Tok GAMER girls – TikTok – Part 9 and fake gamer girls

I know Felix made these jokes for comedy purpose, but the way he present it… is bad… I hate it, don’t get me wrong, I love Felix… but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t criticize him, right?

Idk, this vids by Drumsy (I think this is the first time I watched his content) is quite nice and thought provoking… and funny as a bonus… just wanna share it

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