Wakaran, The Anime Man and his family

So, The Anime Man… actually I wasn’t the biggest fan of him (Not that I disliked him or anything, I just love Gigguk more)

But now, again, YouTube share some good vids recomendation for me… yeah… not the video that I want to talk here :v

This is the vids that started this rabbit hole

I watch it, mostly because I curious about Joey’s relationship with Akidarest… I feel kinda like a stalker now… just curiosity okay?

Then, I the next vids played… this is the vids that I liked so much

I love seeing his son-father relationship there… I kinda jealous

The thing is, I have a good relationship with my father, we talked a lot (And by a lot, I mean A LOT), but our relationship in general is not the best

I mean, I kinda shy to talk about my creation… my father probably doesn’t know about most of my project…

And also, when I win the Sualla Media’s poetry competition, well not win per say

But when I show it off to my father, my father reaction is just, meh… which is as I expected

That’s probably my reaction when my child show their achivement to me as well… but at that time, I just want to get some, you know, self validation or something… yeah still, involving the To College Arc

But yeah,

I also watch the next video in the list

She (His mom) asked by Joey to come up with a better name instead of The Anime Man, she came up with the word… Wakaran, which mean I don’t know in Japanese… you know, like the my famous, idk word

And, yeah… that’s a good name

I also learn, Joey and Akidarest relationship is good

I kinda curious about his mom, why she concerned that much about her privacy, is that ordinary in Japan?

Yeah, something like that… I want to go to Australia and Japan

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