Using this blog against myself in the future

Just as a friendly remainder to me, perhaps… well, almost definitely actually… in the future

The purpose of writing a lot of this blog post, hopefully posts is to, keep you laying low on the ground.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, you know that I am no expert at English. Therefor I give that task to the one who deserve it, you. What laying on the groung mean for you?

Not sleeping on the ground, obviously… hopefully :’)

So yeah…

I mean, we saw people changed when they reach their success, which is… make sense

But I want you to remember where you came from, that’s it

So, in the event of, you need some advice from your younger, naiver (Is it even a word), hopefully not cringe self… go here

Or, if you are my assistant, or someone that I employ, or someone that close to me, or someone to me and feel like I changed to the wrong direction, tell me to see my good old blog post, my thought in the past… and my auto biography

Idk, just don’t use it to harm us… by against I don’t mean to make me down, just for a friendly reminder, my friendly neighborhood spiderman, I mean fellow reader

I think I am not suppose to tell people to point their gun at me, but meh

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