Unifying my email addresses

I have a lot of emails. Hela lot of them

A private email, a public email, a couple of old emails, some emails of my father that I made, some emails that I use to differentiate my biz account and more

Also, I use Outlook, Hotmail, and Gmail… now you know why it’s hard to keep track of them

Let’s start with Hotmail, I have some Hotmail addresses, but I would only consider using one of them. That is, the Hotmail that I use in Junior High, that have my OneNote account on there

Of course, I can’t just delete it, that’s a big piece of my life, especially my Writer Journey

But, other than that… I don’t really use this account that much

Then, Outlook… both Hotmail and Outlook owned by Microsoft, so I don’t really know why I made an Outlook account

But, I use this Outlook account primarily for Microsoft services. I use this account for my Windows devices, Ms. Azure, and probably some more

I don’t really use this account that effectively

GMAILs… this one is hard to explain. I have a lot of Gmail account

I got one that I use primarily in Elementary school, I already deleted it (Which I regret)

Then, one primary account that I still use as my private emails, and my primary-primary emails. That I use actively.

Well, obviously that’s not the problem

The problem is, or are… those other Gmail addresses

I got one for me as a developer, I got one for my private-English language youtube channel, I got one for my Hari Gamer, some for my father and stuff

There are two events, or situation that forced me to make multiple Gmail accounts

One, that I experienced in 2016. When I developed Hari Chemistry, I need to make an Adsense account for my father so I can use it for AdMob

PS. I made MULTIPLE Gmail for Adsense for my father, I forgot which email I use for Hari Chemistry’s ads. So I can’t access that money (Which wasn’t a lot I imagine)

Two, I want to be a part of MCN (for my YouTube channel), but that means sharing my account to the third party. I don’t want they have access to my main Gmail, which linked to all my social media account, and biz account as well

Also, I have a vision for those youtube channels.

I already restructure this blog, and some other stuff… now is the time for emails

The plan is, to have one emails for most usage, and another one for public

That one emails would be a Gmail account, I will use it for Microsoft services as well

I actually want to make a new Gmail account and replaced all the old ones with this one. But!!! That’s counter intuitive, because all I would do is adding a new email address instead of simplifying it

Then the public emails. I have this harianugrah.com domain, I want to use this for my public emails

Maybe me@harianugrah.com or biz@harianugrah.com, currently I don’t want/can set up a full blown email server, so I just wanted emails that sent to those emails forwarded to my main emails

That’s possible

But well…

Using Gmail account for Microsoft services mean. I have to made a new Ms. Azure account, OneNote, ToDo, OneDrive, and stuff

But in the long run, this is probably worth it

Btw, I have this initiative because this evening I want to setup Microsoft Flow, and yesterday I just setted up Phone Companion which raised the need for me to utilize Microsoft account more

So yeah, that’s it

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