Unifi, University Finder

One of my friend, Dwik, send a pdf document to my Avione’s group chat

The pdf contain info about university’s average minimum report score or whatever

That inspired me to make Unifi, short for University Finder

The problem that I wanted to solve is… well.. it’s hard to find university

Not only that, it is harder to find university that’s not, well, huge or whatever

For example Unud, Unud is big in Bali, but Unud also is famous, because there are a lot of unud’s alumnus scattered all over Bali… and Unud do a lot of socialization (Marketing)

The problem is, let’s say I want to enroll in Computer Science Major, I want to list all of my options, nope… there’s no way right now (That I aware of)

So, all I can do is, just list university that may have cs major, then go one by one to their website

That’s not effective, if that’s the only way to find a school. Then I would never even consider a lot of potential school like Primakara and Stiki, because I wasn’t aware of them

I mean, I just want a better way to find university, first according to their proximity to my house, or city that I want to go

Then according to major they offer, then by rating, then by potential for me to enroll there

And whetever they are a community school or private school


Idk, the thing is… Idk where to develop it

Should I make a flutter app? Yeah, I can rapid prototype using flutter… I love flutter

But, no one will install this app just to use it once… so website is a wiser choice

But guess what, my web developing skill is my worst skill

The designing part, it’s stupid hard for me

So yeah, idk

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