Too much draft, unfinished project

I would consider myself a creative person

I do a lot of creative stuff, writing poetry, novel, blog, story… recording YouTube vids, tutorial, documentation, film… solving my chemistry problem, studying problem, waking up problem, sleep problem

And stuff

I have tons of idea. At any given moment, I always have something that I think in the back of my head.

Usually, I do two projects at the same time (That I called main project and side project), and also an additional impulsive project and so on

But I always have this problem… I rarely ever finish them…

Maybe if I have to make a statistic, 90% of them are just ideas, 6% barebone project, 3% halfway finished projects and 1% finished projects

Well, it doesn’t help that my projects are usually long term. For example apps. Apps will never be really finished, it always improved. That’s one reason I never marked a project as finished

Projects that are just idea are just that, ideas. Usually it is part of my impulsive project but I didn’t have time to put my mind into it, so I just noted the idea.

My justification is simple. Maybe in the future, if I got time, or if I just blanked out and have no project or nothing todo. I can just open my idea list and pick one

Most of these ‘idea project’ are novel idea. Ever since 8th-grade, I bet there are more than 100 novel ideas. But as of today, I got one halfway finished novel, 3 barebone novel, and tons of half baked idea one.

I mean, just in my Project folder under my Work in my Google Drive I already got tens of projects. Now look at my Novel then Story then Company then this blog’s draft, other blog’s draft, my old OneNote, GitLab, GitHub

Oh shit, that’s a hela lot of projects

Some of my projects under Work/Project in GDrive
Just a glimpse of my junior high OneNote

Angan Sore, which is an umbrella project that I created like 2 months (Or three?) ago already got 10 pending todos

Just 2019, this blog already got like 14 draft

My Gitlab has like…. 6 umbrella project that all together have 13 subprojects. I got 7 personal projects there as well

Ironically is…

Yeah, the first draft of this blog is… about Menunda (postponing)…

About setting things aside…

That post I think would talk about the same thing I talked about in this post… about unfinished project and draft…

Why did I got the same idea twice? That’s not really strange… I already realized that, sometimes, a new idea that I got, is just a variation of my old project (Usually affect my novel/story project)

But still… that’s tons of projects

Thinking that, I will just noted the idea now and do it later is really naive… I mean I always got new idea every single day

Wait wait… I forgot about my Google Keeps

OMG! The Keeps suppose to be a place where I put my mind now and write about it later, but it just keeps increasing in number

I always think of new stuff, get inspired by things that I watched over YouTube

PS. Yeah, I get inspired, not be inspired… I consciously tried to be inspired, I worked to be inspired

PS Again. I often got ideas from YouTube, that’s why recently I unconsciously tried to aboid YouTube. This might help with my YouTube addict behavior… 9 hours a day of YouTube

Yeah that’s it


My friend, Arya Wiguna… often mentioned my unfinished project when I talk about some new idea I got…

That’s kinda annoying but he’s right… I need to finish my projects

Also as my STIFIn test’s coach(?) said… this kinda unfinishing project is a tendency of my type of person

I love when I am not alone… When I know I am not alone…

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