I am so tired,

As I said again and again in the previous posts, I haven’t got any good nice sleep lately

PS. I started to use a Chrome’s extension to help with my grammar, it’s called Grammarly

Therefore, this morning when I woke up, I felt so tired

This happened to me regularly, like at least twice a months or so

Most of the time, the reason was quite simple. I was so excited about a piece of technology in the night before, that keep me awake even when I turned off the light

I don’t know how to describe my feeling when I got a bad sleep. It felt… sucks, that’s it

Like, your eyes are dry. You tried to hard to keep your eyes open but your eyelids just feel so heavy

The magnetic field of your bad become stronger and stronger

Your mind, I mean your brain feels like, how to describe it, feels like, empty yet so heavy. Like you’re having some kind of a weird migraine

It happened to me regularly, I know the symptoms, I know the reason. Yet it still happened regularly because my fix is not really a fix

What would I do when the tiredness peaked?

I skipped school…

I am glad that my parents are not that strict about school, they’re strict, but not TOO strict

Also, my classmates are my friends, so they helped me 😊

Last year, this thing happened to me increasingly in frequency, the reason was… I overworked myself because of that OSN stuff

And now, I got a new problem. University stuffs…

I am a hard worker, at least that’s what I think of myself. But when come to school and studying formal study, I will simply say NO

School study, school subjects are not interesting… maybe they’re interesting, but my teachers didn’t make them feel interesting

Also… it doesn’t help that I have this big BIG HUGE dream that motivate me to do programming more than studying

But the lesser I study these days, the more pressure I felt, and because school is not the primary way I study stuff (I use the internet to study, it is more effective for me). I prefer studying at home instead of at school. Skipping.

But no… this morning I didn’t use the time I got from skipping school for studying, I wanted to… but I used it to, well, sleep because I was tired

Mentally and physically. It was more mental than physical tbh

I woke up at 7 AM and asked my mother to write me a letter and send it to school, then I fell asleep. I woke up again at around 11 AM and did some stuff that I will write in a later post, it involved first time selling stuff online

This evening I also went to my friend Galih, he said at English class there was something interesting

Our teacher asked them about their wishes, some of them cried said Galih… I really wanted to tell my wishes there, but well… I didn’t go to school so yeah, regret

Also, while we at JFC (Yeah we ate something), he said he started writing some journal, kinda like this blog but in his phone’s notepad

So Tired…

I have this project that I called Portrait of Hari where I took pictures of myself every day. And of course I took one yesterday, and today at 2 PM… spot the differences

Jan 14th
Jan 13th

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