Things that I could do, they can do it too

New segment. A quoted. Basically if I found something as inspiring. Maybe a story, a quote or something. I would put it here.
I have the playlist version on YouTube since… forever (Not sure), I called the playlist as Inspire. But that doesn’t really sound cool. I don’t want to be beaten by the word quintuplets
I need to mark my older post as Quoted as well… well, that would be though… I do really need to restructure this blog

I just watched the second episode of… 5-toubun no Hanayome or as I like to call it, The Quintessential Quintuplets

JK, try to say those word 5 times… And no, I can’t

The word quintuplets just sound awesome, to be honest… so catchy…

In the second episode, there are some nice quotes. The quotes are not good because the quotes are inherently good. But because of the way the anime explain the quotes.

I mean I love quotes and stuff, some of the quotes really do inspire me. But, that’s only because quotes are multi-interpretable.

I liked when the quotes, are showed via example. Or the situation showed why they came up with those quotes.

Anime is a perfect medium for it, you can see the situation and why (And how) they came up with the quote.

That’s not the case for quotes that said by motivator during talk show or something. Simply because the motivator can’t show why they came up with the quote.

But then again, sometimes uncertainty is a good thing.

This quote is really nice… because it hit me home. You know, Afraid to be normal

The quote translated to English is something like

Things that I could do, my siblings can do it too… That also mean, things my siblings could do, I can do it too

My interpretation is something like

Well, there’s is this mainstream quote. If they can do it, why can’t I?

My interpretation is highly influenced by that quote, I mean I am a jack of all trade… I said ‘I mean’ too many times

So yeah, the quote can be interpreted as a motivation, or as pessimism

As a motivation
If you can’t do something, but there’s someone else that can do it. It means you could do it as well. If you have someone you look up to, you could become like them

As a pessimism
If you can do something, there’s someone else that can do the same things, maybe even better than you. So you’re not that unique.

But then again, people are unique. The combination of skills, history, life, experience and stuff they have are unique (That’s why I learn a lot of skills)

Watch the anime. Interpret the quote on your own. Understand the situation. And get inspired.

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