The thing about fair use and copyright

OMG, I’ve been editing for hours (Probably 6 hours or so), and scripting, and etc

I was pretty sure I use all the clip fairly, fair usage you know

But, yesterday, after I uploaded the video… well, first I fell asleep, then this morning I got some weird emails

Yeah, plural, not just one, but I got four different email. I just read the first one, and nope, just copyright claim, the video will be demonetized, I am okay with that

The video also will be blocked in Japan, still ok with that

Then I want to watch the uploaded video, but weird, the video didn’t exist in my youtube app

Then I check the email again, the other 3 emails… okay, I think I use it fairly, but since it’s a youtube algorithm and content id is not able to differentiate fair usage, I was okay with that

But, TOHO, for some reason decided to block my video from playing wordwide -,-

This is hard, I intended to make an easy video to kick start my 2019 video resolution, but my perception of, top list is easy is not right

Not only the editing part hard (I have to watch the same clip again and again) but the post-production as well, I mean, I have to re-edit, re-upload and idk what re again might be

Huft, hard huh

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