The story of dying, cancer, PeeWeeToms and…

IDK, I did write this sentence a couple blog post ago

Something like, people that are in the grief of death, can do everything

The wording is different, but the point is… people that are dying have no string attached to them

That is good, and bad at the same time. It depends on how they will spend their latest second by second

They can create something wonderful and inspire a lot of people. Write their story and cause a massive scare, empathy, humanity, cry and most importantly inspirations

But they can also do horrible stuff. I mean my life would be ended in a couple weeks anyway, why should I care about jail? Maybe something like that if I have to write a character like that


This particular one broke my heart. I know, survival bias but still… it causes me to rethink about libra. Like, injustice…

I watch a video about how to make drama novel-story stuff, one way to do that, is to make the reader feels the massive injustice the character(s) face

Good examples that I came up with maybe something like, Angel Beats, and of course… the massive injustice that is Kimi no Suizou / I want to eat your pancreas

PS. I am writing this while listening to YouTube music, and the song Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu played. That suddenly reminds me of this anifilm, nice one youtube recommendation

Well… this vids also recommended to me by YouTube tbh

When I read the title, the first thing that came to mind was… something along this line. No way

I thought it was a clickbait, well… I hoped it was a clickbait in the back of my mind. But well, I watch it, and read the comment immediately after clicking it

Okay, that doesn’t looks like comment from clickbaited viewer, that’s bad

Then I watch it, still doesn’t understand one two things, skipped here and there. But, it was real

Okay… I know exactly why YouTube recommended this vids, I actually want to write about it as well

But I was hesitant yesterday… I want to title the post, The brain tumor girl… and now you know why I haven’t written it yet

Idk, after watching that vids of PeeWeeToms. I look at his channel

Wait, his channel is still active… that vids was uploaded 8 months ago, but the channel latest video was dated 1 month ago

So… he survived?! I thought…

Then I watch this vids and tears start to wet my face

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