The problem with computer science major

Continuing from I am desperate, help me

I already started interested in this field, sector, area? Damn, I use three different words to describe the same thing in that post… my vocab becoming better, but the usage is bad

I need to clarify, by computer science here, well… this is a vague translation that I made myself… I will talk mostly about Teknik Informatika and whatever is that… Ilmu komputer and whatever… don’t get my point? Wuker

I make it vague, intentionally


So, one of my argument that I use against my father (‘Forcing’ me to go to STAN, more like aim actually) is that… PNS is basically a slave of the government

O may gadh, the words really harsh and bad… I use Bahasa btw, I don’t talk badly with my parent, I have my manner

Basically, PNS is, well it stand for Pegawai Negeri Sipil… Pegawai is, something like, staff? nope, it’s employee (Googled it)

Negeri is, how do I describe it… publicly owned? Owned by the gov? You know, like community school, the community describe this negeri word, somewhat nicely (Disclaimer,  I don’t really know community school in uk, us, australia blablabla)

PNS worked for the government, the problem with that is… for me… PNS work is wayyyy tooo distant from the boss (Government)… my father is a PNS, my mom also is PNS, let’s use my father for example

My father is teacher… teacher and government… well, I think you already know the scale…

I hate that, I want to make my company structure as flat as possible, like Linus’s

I love seeing Linus’s interaction with his employee. Heck, in this vid I comment about his interaction about his employee… I really love it, I want my employee have good relationship with me, I want to know them…

and PNS, basically the building block of Indonesia’s government… in my mind (WAS) hard to use in different country, stupid thought now I think about it… The important thing is, the experience

Nope, that’s not the main problem, the main problem is… PNS is like on the very bottom, like, you know the foot? base?

Contradicting with myself here, I shoot a bullet to my head
I always love Elon Musk, one of the reason is… there’s one video mention Elon know his stuff, he do engineering, he learn from his employee, he started as programmer as well

What’s the contradiction?

Well… I realized it when I wrote that Help me post

Programmer is… the foot of tech company! News right

Like, engineer is the foot of car company, the assembler as well… idk

But, my intention is to become a CEO…

ajsaidhc0987 tvgubjmndk

I genuinely don’t know what to write here

I love computer science, nope, that’s not accurate…

I love the power that I received from computer science…

Like, I love having my own domain

I love having my own intelligent assistant like Jarvis, I am talking about Reia, the stupid AI that I made,,, that is currently in coma… I will resurrect her… it’s been almost a year

I love having my own server, where I can do hacking, crawling and cool Iron Man like stuff

I love having a custom cool website, where I have full control over (Which is impossible btw)

I love using my arduino, to make custom stupid solution for my lazyness, like lazy to turn off the light using switch, so I want to make clap to turn off or something like that

I love making stupid project that I never finish

I love documenting everything that I fascinated by, my surrounding, my though (Yeah, I fascinated by my own though), and my body (I documented my sleep pattern and things like that)

I love it… I love having those crazy power, that not everybody have

I love making my younger self, amazed by how much I have stepped toward my dream

I love it

What can I say…


But, I want to make my own company (Why? hmm)

I want to be a CEO, why?! hmmmmmm

So much blog post, ok, don’t lie,,, I have no friend to talk about this thing… so I talk to the most clever person, wisest, honest, smartess person I know… me… hahaha (Cry inside)

And yeah, the internet


Now I written a lot,

I seems like… how should I put it, can’t find bad thing starting with computer science?

Idk, writing things instead of only thinking it really help (This is my father advice, thx dad)

But, no minus doesn’t mean it is the best choice

Btw I am listening to SAO: Alicization now,. I will remember this anime as, the anime that sit besides me when I struggle toward my college whatever

My usual chit-chat and talk partner, Galih is away… sad

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