The problem of becoming viral instantly

I just wrote a post about my new perspective of youtuber and then I remember to write this post about a vid that I watched yesterday night

So currently I am in the middle of my Hari Anugrah Social Media Effort, I cheat a lot for this effort

Yeah, I do sub4sub, view4view, follow4follow or whatever stuff

That’s a huge effort btw. I tried to think as a businessman instead of an ordinary person tbh

A couple months (Maybe even years) ago I have this thought… what if I just became popular in one day

I mean, seriously

To put it simply, we… I grow up with my audience. When I starting off, I have a small audience and not a whole lot to think about… no controversy and stuff

Then I will grow a bigger audience, make better quality. While that happening, I will grow up as a person as well because there will be small problems happen all over the place. And because the problem still small, I can solve them with my still small experience

Then, using snowball effect
My audience will grow bigger, and there will be a bigger problem happen. But because I already face other smaller problems before, I will be able to solve these bigger problems

For people that became huge in… a night. Like people that just blew up, that gain hundreds of thousands of audience in just a night…. they will be in disadvantage here

They will have as big of a problem as people that grew slowly and became big, but without the experience that they gain over the years

Like, they haven’t used to solve those small problems, those lots of smaller problem but they already faced a big problem… or maybe even the big problems (With s)

They simply don’t know how to handle those problems, they haven’t grown up yet as a… ‘leader’ of audiences

For example, the inspiration for this post. The TikTok girl (Nyannyancosplay)

She blew up in a night (Not literary, probably more like weeks, or a month or maybe even more) but the point is she blew up and became viral in a short period of time

Therefore, of course, people being people, the internet being the internet. They will hate on her.

In her case, she handled the hate relatively nicely

But imagine you’re at that situation, you in like the reader, and you like the older or younger me… Can you handle it?

Can you, the naive little kid… handle that accumulation of small hatred from all over the world?

Probably can’t

In the opposite side, there’s this type that worked hard and grow his audience slowly over the years

I will use Linus Tech Tips as an example

He grew up with the channel, he solved most problems that they faced nicely (I think)

That can only happen because he faces problems at the right time during their career

PS. I use he and they interchangeably here, referring to Linus and his team at Linus Media Group

So yeah…

Oh yeah!!!

I remember one more good example… his name is Bowo, he blew up in TikTok relatively fastly… he didn’t receive the hate nicely, but he was still a kid… that must have taken a large role in his action as well

Idk, I can’t concentrate well
I can’t seems to concentrate while writing and watching youtube vid in the same time
ONLY if the vid is in Bahasa Indonesia, if the vid is in Japanese (Or maybe English) I can concentrate well

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