The new Koding’s favicon

I just implemented the new Koding’s starling favicon

It was so easy, but for some reason I recall my old experience was hard

I thought when I was 5th grader, I make a blogger as well, but changing the favicon was hard, and I need to do it using html or javascript (Which I copy paste from some random website)…

Or was it changing background image? Nah, probably this one

After looking how the new logo fit with the chrome’s tab,

I think I need to update this blog’s favicon as well, because white is not the best color for favicon

When I switch to this blog’s tab, the background color for the tab will be also white, so the favicon disappear

The icon btw, I called it, paperplane

The meaning was, a paperplane that have words in it, that fly toward people, like, instead of using letter, use paperplane to send message instead

Something like that

The icon was updated several time, and also, because I just upload a vid to my youtube channel

I realize I use the old logo there

I already used that logo for a long time, and I also remember Hari Anugrah’s paperplane project

A paperplane sculpture, made out of glass that I want to give to my ex


I think I just bad at finding material -,-

Well, the thing is… I want to change the logo, but no idea how should I change it… the color?

I think I will use letter as a base, just like koding… and probably I will use the letter A, but the color

Orange is kinda identical color for me (My room is orange-themed), but my favorite color is still light blue… but I already use blue for Koding and Uncreate,. ahhh, who care

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