Thanks Thanos for giving me emotional boost

This is kinda embarrassing, I, inspired by Thanos? How on Earth is that possible? A big Iron Man fan like me can be inspired by Tony’s biggest enemy? Now I think about it, how dare you Hari Anugrah?!
No, first, because you can learn from anyone, and second Thanos is arguably the protagonist of Infinity War. And no one ever said I can only learn from any specific person.
And third, I really need to improve my English vocab
So I, well it’s hard to describe. You know, a naive little boy who think the world revolve around him. Who think if he just put some effort in doing something, he will be rewarded for that effort (Which I still am)
But recently I forgot a quote that I liked in the past,

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, is the one that do”

Which- stop using which!!!
That is ironic since those quotes are actually needed in times like this, when you doubt yourself
I will briefly explain why I liked those quote,
There are two types of people who have a dream, people that think their dream is too high therefor unreachable therefor they just not trying. And people that think their dream is too high but try to get there, somehow
The simplicity hide the depth of the thought
People who are not doing anything to get to their dream, is failed, not succeeded, not uncertain, but certainly failed. Why? Because they are not trying
In the other hand. People who try to get to their dream, is kinda in entangled position, maybe they succeeded maybe they don’t, it’s complicated. But put simply, they are in uncertainty.
Eaps, uncertain. They are not succeeded, YET, but they haven’t failed as well. In fact, it is almost impossible to determine if you succeeded reaching your dream or not unless you die
Because unless you dead, you still in this uncertain state. Haven’t succeeded, maybe. But definitely not fail. But even if you haven’t reach your goal, you must have made some progress, which in some perspective can be categorized as success on itself
Am I cheating here? Yeah, I am… Obviously, that’s what everyone thought when I succeeded later… wait, haha XD
Now, to the Thanos part
I want to admired by Thanos, I mean who doesn’t? Actually Idk,
But one way to do that is through dedication, something like Captain’s and Tony’s because they admired by Thanos. If I recall correctly, which I probably don’t
But this part of the video really stood up to me, like screaming “Look at my struggle!”

“He’s not dangerous because he has the stones… he is dangerous because he has the will to use them”

OMG, that part touch my heart,

The dedication Thanos put to his dream, even when the entire universe go agains him, nope, heck, the entire multi-verse go agains him… wait, we againg him as well… but he did it anyway

That my friend, is what I call. Hard headed, I mean, if 99 people say 1 person is wrong, and that 1 person is you. You probably are wrong, probably.

But, now I just realize something.

Weeks ago, I got this great idea that I know will kickstart my YouTube career, but I was and still is too scared to do it. Even though there is like, literary no apparent consequence of that idea

So I got the stones, but I don’t have the balls to use them… okay, that doesn’t sounds like me, but let’s go with it

So, put simply, dedication

Also, in another YouTube video that I watched earlier this morning. And no, I didn’t spent 9 hours on YouTube! I swear I am not wasting my time, I mean see… I get inspired, see?
The video stated something, that is really amazed me that keep staying inside my head even 7 hours later
Marvel, the company that is almost universally recognized as a successful company, was in financial trouble earlier this decade
Then they get loan of $500 million and made Marvel Studio, and Marvel Cinematic Universe. The rest is history (Not that I am too lazy to write that)
That is, a serious risk taker. I can’t explain it to you, but I really inspired by that, one sentence from that one video
And no, I am not going to fact check that
When I opened my Instagram, I saw a post by my senior in high school, which remind me of her blog. When I opened her blog I realized she have been writing a lot of content since the last time I see her content
And one of those post, is Galau Milih Prodi which roughly translate to confuse to choose major. Which is exactly what I feel right now, and which inspired me to make this post because prior to reading the blog, I re-watched quite a nice video essay (As a reference)
The video essay is about why Thanos deserve to win
Which I agree with, Thanos deserve to win. In a sense that, if he win. I would okay with that, I mean I saw his struggle toward it, but not that I will cheer for him or anything, obviously

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