Three letter word, or was it an acronym? Well… maybe both

TBC, a scary disease, the deadliest infectious disease

So I just watched a vid about Red Dead Redemption 2 in The Game Theorist, expecting happy go lucky stuff…

The title, No Cowboy is Safe! Red Dead’s Biggest THREAT! | The SCIENCE!… of Red Dead Redemption 2. (I just realize their title is so long), the title doesn’t scream “Hey, I contain some scary shit content inside”

TBC is scary stuff, it spread by… coughing

I have an uncle that worked at Puskesmas (Health center or clinic maybe), he often asked me to help him with typing stuff

Yeah I work as a writer. Maybe since 11th grade? Well, that took a lot of my times so I just stop doing it these days

But the documents that I helped write involved this disease, TBC

I wasn’t giving the document that much attention (Because I was busy typing) but there is some statistic about people that got TBC, and the current effort to avoid further spread

I didn’t really understand the document, there were a lot of weird acronyms there. Which I am not educated to understand (Does that makes sense?)

Coughing huh…

There is this accident, maybe calling it an accident is just dramatic.

There is this event, I think when I was in junior high. I went to a minimarket near my house (Mercu Agung, now it’s bankrupt)

When waiting in line to pay my stuff, there was this woman who coughed to me, like to my face. She was sorry about it.

But, when I got home I just have this thought… what if, like what if she got an infectious disease that spread to me via that cough?!

Yeah, I was scared… (I think I see a trend, there’s a time when I scared to death because of a dog bites me. Also, I am really anxious when doing blood donation because scared the needle might be wasn’t clean … holy shit, my mind keeps me stressed out for something like that)

I think I will talk more about rabies and HIV… later, maybe sometimes… idk

So yeah, I just want to share my fear

Also, the song in that vid is just so amazing

I’ll follow you into the dark

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