Taboo and Culture

the word nigga in rich chigga chaned

This should be written a couple days ago, but well… It collecting dust in my draft repos, I guess I need to start writing this post

Except, I forgot where I initially want to go with this post… yeah, I need to write it as I think about it, but I just can’t

Let’s just write the things that I still remember

It’s been a long time, and I still don’t get some things in the world, like why am I here, why I write this even though no one read it, and why you’re here even though I just stated no one here

But, there’s one funny word that I use in that paragraph. The word here, depending on how you interpret it, it can mean several things, but here, it refers to this blog and the internet as a whole

PS. That style of paragraph is inspired by some questions in my English textbooks. Just kinda interesting, a book that I (not really) never read can influence my way of writing

Here, on the internet. People get mad easily, I know because I experienced it myself. I bet you too

One event that put this on my radar is… that controversy of PewDiePie and Jewish blablabla. Also a lot others vids on YouTube that recently use N-word to replace the word Nigga

That is kinda weird, I mean why replaced it anyway if you just gonna use another word to describe the exact same thing?

PS. Now I realize, in Indonesia, I learned there is a similar conflict happened before. The word cina (Chinese) that by the government replaced to the word tionghoa

This word ‘Cina’ come to my radar because of Kevin Anggara a couple of years ago. So in Indonesia there were some conflict between native Indonesian and Chinese descendants. Basically native bully and discriminate Chinese people, especially in school

PS. I just read wiki page of Rich Chigga/Brian, that’s why I recall about this similar things happen in Indonesia as well

A couple of weeks ago, after watching PewDiePie vid about BackPack Kids, I stumbled upon this channel called Genius. There I also watch Rich Chigga’s interview like vids

BTW. I just hate Genius’s backdrop… I mean why yellow?! Yellow doesn’t have good contrast in like… any color (Well there are actually, but well)

There, his justification for using the word Nigga in his lyrics is… really good I guess

Basically, the word nigga is taboo because of the culture. This can be easily proved by saying the word Nigga, like for example in Indonesia. No one will get offended, probably

But if you say that word in America, well… have a nice day, I mean have a nice last couple of hours. You will get a lot of backlash from all over the place

Will I get backlash? I mean I wrote the word Nigga here several times, oh shit

So yeah, taboo came because of culture…

Therefore, Brian want to take away the reason Nigga is taboo. By making the word Nigga ordinary daily stuff, so everybody just got used to it

You will not get offended by something that you already got used right? Will you get offended by your friends who call you not by your name?

So, why he changed the lyrics? Well, watch the vids… I think he explained it there

I think making the word Nigga a normal things, is just a bad strategy

This peaked my curiosity… it kinda tingled me in my dream

Can I make something that’s really offensive to me today, something that’s annoying, something that I scared about, something that … can be categorized as phobia… to a… not so annoying scary things

Like, if I fail a lot early… I will get used to failing, so in the future I will not get so stressed out if I fail again


If you think this post goes all over the place, you’re right… I don’t really have stances in this. It is a case by case basis

But about that quote, fail early and fail often, I have to disagree with that…

Back to the point

So I think, the biggest reason people got mad, got annoyed, and stuff (Idk, can’t quite describe it with words) is because culture

If culture flag something as bad, people will think that ‘something’ as bad as well

So… I proposed a really bad idea, how about if we alter our culture in such a way that we would not get offended easily

hahhh… it is hard to describe it, especially in English, also because I don’t really think about the idea…

But yeah…

And don’t forget, culture came from people

Did I just invalidate my whole point?!

Update, Feb 9th 2019

That’s a good example of the influenced of culture to the things that we called as manner

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