Study after a long holiday

It’s not a secret that a long holiday is an enemy for my study

I am pretty good at learning new things, but I am not really that good at keep remembering it

So, let’s say… biology, I can learn an entire chapter worth of material in like one hour or so (With a lot of caveat), then I follow the biology exam

If I don’t learn that particular part of the biology book again any time soon, let’s say after two days, I will forget it…

I can re-learn it quite fastly, but nope, It’s hard to re learn something… it’s boring

That also why I forgot names a lot, mostly because I don’t really call people by their names, maybe I call them with ‘hi’ ‘hello’ or something like that

I also forget a lot of skills that I only use every couple of months or so, like mebat (Balinese cooking), making penjor (Balinese tradition stuff), balinese traditional dance etc

And, the most important stuff that I want to talk today is, of course school stuff

I started the holiday at Dec 18th, and the sixth semester start at 7th January. So about 3 weeks.

Then, yesterday, my math teacher come and want to start the study. Which I was shocked by it.

Yeah, my school is fast recovering from holiday… usually

But this time, it was slow, mostly for 12th grader, there’re still a lot of college socializing… yesterday, my math teacher also forced to postponed his study to today

And of course, today I was shocked as well… Idk, to put simply I just forgot how school work

I, forgot the basic of math, not the elementary, but a bit more advanced stuff

Idk, maybe I just need more sleep. I was having a bad sleeping patterns the last couple of days

Yeah, maybe that’s why… I mean my writing messed up today, I need to write less for today I think

And btw, tomorrow I have sport

That’s bad :’) because I haven’t really exercise the last couple of weeks… I hope tomorrow won’t be a hard day

I need to warm up my body to get ready for the hard stuff later

Ahh!! my writing is bad today… bye

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