This afternoon, just after 12 PM. There is these two woman coming to my classroom

I expected them to introduce us to some sort of college

But, this one woman started talking about her life. Mostly why she think she got the wrong college major

I already smell something, but I just let them for now. She also talk about her major in marketing, which will come to play later.

Then there’s this one other woman, she talk about her major as a Vet, and why she think she got the wrong major

The way she introduce it, feels just too smooth… Like, it feels scripted

Which to be honest, is okay, I mean it’s not wrong to prepare for stuff

But it just come off as in genuine

Then, they finally start talking about the real reason they’re here. STIFIn Test

STIFIn test, basically is test to determine how your brain work. Just using your finger, your fingerprint

Why they talking about it btw, I got an idea to create app that simulate that process, but mostly just for fun (Inspired by an app Komand Tri introduced me a long time ago)

Oh ya, ever since they talk about how this works. I remember of DMI Test that I did once at Primagama. Seems I am not the only one who realized it since Bayu also noticed it as well

I will put my stances now, I don’t believe it

They said it was scientific but their reasoning is, weird. Fingerprint is unique, it is, according to what I know, is not shaped by how one’s brain works

But, I don’t have enough data. Especially because literary yesterday, I just watch a video how an Apple Watch’s EKG works, which I fascinated by it

They said they will do this test in Friday, which a lot of my friends interested in

Ironically, I was interested by it as well… mostly because I need validation. And I figured it doesn’t really have bad effect anyway

Except if the result indicate that I was a bad person, which might affect me… But, as far as I know, this self identity test will never come off negative, since they use psychological tricks like using general vague term that can be interpreted is a lot of ways

I also read this article by Zenius, which support my opinion on it

AND… btw, I am not 100% confident with own thought on this

First, if they use statistic instead of science (Yeah, statistic is kinda part of science) it would make a bit more sense

Like, idk… even arbitrary things, people will have something in common, maybe statistically, fingerprint do showed some aspect of one’s brain

Idk, this post is not a fact btw, this is just my opinion

Second, DMI Test, which I had at Primagama a couple years ago, have similiar concept with it

The thing is, Primagama is a reputable public instance… of course (maybe) they did research about DMI before offering it to their student, right?

Third, I just need validation

Fourth, It doesn’t hurt

Fifth, I just curious

Idk, I have a bad sleep last night, so my writing is going all over the place right now

And, btw

The one thing that I disliked the most about it

I did mention one of them was a marketing major right?

Well, they said the test would cost IDR 500K at first, but then THEY SAID they will give us special discount and only would charge us IDR 350K

That’s it, the thing I disliked the most… what? I disliked they gave us discount? nope

After doing research, I did research while they’re talking btw :v

I got this data, this STIFIn test is in fact only cost IDR 350K, it’s already standarized… so they lied about giving us discount

I hate that, I hate when people being dishonest just to get us buy their product. I know this is some kind of marketing technique but I always hate this

It just show, that they have tendency to lie. So I just can’t help but to put some layer of thin foil hat toward them

So will I follow the test? Probably

Did I found the old DMI test result? 404 not found :’), I don’t find it on my document holder


Also there are some blog post on the internet, that want to looks like a personal experience and why they disappointed, when those posts are actually is advertisement to sell the STIFIn test

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