Shouldn’t it be public domain?!

When I was young, maybe around 6th grade, I created (Not sure did I really created it, or I based it on a source code somewhere in the internet) a dictionary or kbbi app (Not sure which one)

And, continuing my prior post, this. I want to recreate that dictionary apps… I considering making a Flutter based app, or maybe some kind of Electron app

I did look for database, pre made database, and found two… one of which is database of base word, and the other is database of kbbi

after some more research, I found something weird

Why they put copyright law there… btw that’s online kbbi

The problem is, is that website not public domain? How about the database?

Because it seems weird, I understand if private company want to protect their database, but a government database? That made by public agency, that got its finance from tax, that public give them, that focus on building Bahasa .. things

It’s weird that we, I can’t use the work they have done…

Isn’t a government should work for public, therefor they should publish their work in public domain

I understand if they just want to protect the source code of the website, but their database?


I hesitate to build this KBBI app, because I want to publish it to play store, yeah, for money… I need money

But I scared that I would infringe some copyright law… hadeh

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