Scolded for doing good

I watched this vid yesterday

According to my interpretation, yesterday (Yeah, I don’t rewatch it). It is about a booth worker that tried to do good, but people scolded her for doing that

I understand why she does what she did, obviously, otherwise, I won’t write about it. But, I kinda understand why those people scolded her as well

The story sounds something like this, this woman helped a car that stuck. But because she took quite a long time for that, others’ cars have to wait in line. She is (presumably) the booth operator after all.

But those other car’s drivers, understandably don’t like to wait. Therefore they scolded her, how? Idk

Again, this is aligned with a concept that I learned recently. About unfairness is a good story conflict. How unfairness is a good way to make the reader cried

Unfairness, huh

So yeah, I don’t know what else to put here

I guess … the moral? Do good, do the right thing, and do your job

Well, that’s a good moral to learn, if only that’s possible…

Oh yeah, I completely forgot the main point of the vid

She tried to keep her smile (Infront of drivers at least) but when no one sees (Except the camera I guess), she will cry… What a duality

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