Sayuri Furaregai girl, the song that helped me write novel

So, I am kinda tired the last two days. And I already downgraded this Hari Anugrah Social Media Effort to my second project so I will post less often

That being said, one of my latest project, Disconnect Nostalgia is a hard project to do. Mostly because the story and my writing influenced a lot by my mood when writing it

Yeah, I am a moody type of a guy

But I don’t have the mood to write every single day. In fact, maybe I only have the mood to write like twice a week

But I need to write every single day to finish it before the deadline that I set for myself. But being consistently feeling the mood to write is not going to happen, especially for me

So… I solved the problem by forcing myself into the mood

Btw, the mood of Disconnect Nostalgia is sad-depressing kind of a mood, so I need to make myself feel kinda sad-depressed

Which btw, now I wrote it. I realized I felt sad-depressed twice a week :’v (This is a joke btw)

The best way to force myself into the mood is of course, by the ambient. Like rainy season, a lot of homework, thinking about college, and most importantly, music.

Music is really great for setting mood. I mean people set romantic music for romantic mood, horror music for horror mood, and now I… set depressing-sad music for… to write a novel

Haha, smart me

But in all seriousness, this music really helped me to write every single day. It set the mood for me to write, to immerse myself into the Disconnect Universe and feel what the characters feel

This music, have a story. A story involving Radwimps, another Japanese music group that I loved, other than Sayuri, Spyair and a lot more.

The lyrics of the music is really deep, about a girl who got rejected, or… betrayed

I loved the lyrics, you will too… just read the English subtitle… really!

And, of course…

The mood, Sayuri always give me some weird feeling whenever I listen to her song

But in this particular song, I just felt like, a genuine sadness came out, out of her mouth. The cracking sounds in her voices, the cry, the emotion and feeling she put into singing this… is simply awesome

That’s also why I put the unofficial video, that vids (Above) felt more genuine, I mean it is a live performance in front of live audiences

Compare to the official, edited version. It still sounds and feels amazing, but I prefer the live performance more

But in case you want to watch the official version, here it is. And seriously, read the subs.

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