“Saja luwung ne ipidan” Somahe Memitre by Dek Ulik

Still in the same passion way as “Just like me you don’t want this time to just passed” Bondan & Fade2Black. I want to talk about my nostalgic song that resurfaces again these days

Yeah, these days… I remember this song last week inside my classroom, idk what made me recall this song. But that’s probably something like my classmates talked, I heard it, recall this song, and sang it out loud

Because I literally only remember one line of the lyrics, I had to stop singing it. And well, they forced me to stop singing.

If that Bondan’s song was from my Elementary school’s timeframe. This one, damn… preschool!

Don’t quote me on that… My memory is bad, as you know

All I can remember is, I was listening to this song on TV in Menten (Like the main house in Balinese traditional house)

Well, I only watched a lot of TVs before 2nd grade in Elementary school. Also, I spent a lot of times in Menten pre-2009

So… pre-2009 may be a better bet

The point is, I have a new perspective on this song

Just to be clear, the song’s lyric is in Balinese’s Alus Singgih Language. So I didn’t and still don’t completely understand it

I remember my interpretation of this song was (When I was 5th grade or so), I didn’t have a lot of homework when I was younger (Pre 5th grade). And my pre-5th grade was so great because I don’t have to spend times working on homework

Boy oh boy… How wrong can I be…

Well, wrong is a strong word… different might be a better word

Today, recently my interpretation of that line in that song is…

Childhood was a great time. No responsibilities. No stressful time. They decide for you. You just eat, study, sleep, rinse and repeat.

If you want the English translation, it translates roughly to “How good it was when we were young”

Wow, that’s actually a good translation

And what do you think? How do you interpret those word? There’s a big chance your time would be harder than me currently. [Put something motivating here]

I have this quote that I said a whole lot to Galih (The quote was from a horror movie… I think)

The lesser you know, the better sleep you have at night

The quote was to tease Galih because he ‘was’ usually slept around 9PM, and I slept around 2 AM

PS. I have this conversation with Galih before, I do think Galih need to spend more time ‘dreaming’, while I need more time to ‘literary dreaming’.

Yeah… it was so great when we were young… or, more like when we were child

A because… you and me, I speak to you, me in the future. Weird to explain it now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my current situation, sometimes I hope time just freeze in place

But thinking my responsibilities as a teen-adult… My shoulders just felt too heavy sometimes…


Funny stuff is, memitre have two meaning… two contradicting meaning in Balinese Language. I and my friends occasionally joke about it

Mitra can mean partner or friend. So Memitra mean partnering, right?

Well, memitre (‘A’ at the end spelled as ‘E’ in Balinese) can also mean, cheating… like… cheating on wife

So the song title can mean “My husband making friends” or “My husband cheating”… two really different things… And I think I just screwed my childhood :’)

Now I wrote about it… I think this ambiguity came because of the fact Indonesians a polyglot (Speak multiple languages)… Mitra is a word in both Bahasa Indonesia, and Balinese…

And another funny stuff is… There’s no concrete way to spell something in Balinese

Imagine if there’s no standardization on spelling the word …

PS. Below… be-low … holy shit

Imagine people can write ‘below’ as ‘be low’ or ‘bee low’ or ‘be lo’ or something else… It must be hard to find something on the internet

I tried to google “saje luunge ipidan” in Google, no result… I need to find another way to spell those word… which at the end “Saja luwung ne ipidan” resulted in something, finally…

Pak Kog, KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia) and Kata Baku IS IN FACT important… I agreed with you at this point

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