Riwallet, help manage my money

This is my old project. Initially, I named it as Walletku or something like that

I already got the idea for this app since last year. The problem that I want to solve is quite simple. I am sure there are already apps that tried to solve this problem

The problem that I faced is, well… There’s this song in Bali, called Song Bererong

There’s this lyric that caught me, ever since the first time I heard this song… when? Maybe when I was a junior high or even elementary… damn

The lyrics translated to something like. Well… this is really hard to translate

Well, you know what… I will just paraphrase it

The song is about a man that can’t control his spending, mostly because of his wife(?). There’s a time when others just take money out from his pocket.

Yeah, it is really hard to translate music. I already got the experience of how hard it is when I made Kenangan Abu, and wrote the lyrics since around March last year

So… my problem is

Sometimes I just don’t know or forget where my money goes.

Like, in the morning I got 100k in my wallet, but in the afternoon I only got 50k,,, I only eat 10k, where’s the other 40k?!

Yeah something like that. I don’t know where my money went…

Also… I take a note and spread where I save my money

I have two e-money card (Flazz, e-Money), one bank account (BNI), three electronic money (TCash, Ovo, GoPay), maybe my investment at two Reksadana (Tokopedia and Bukalapak) and other

I just want to keep track of my assets… my money

So, each of those containers can be abstracted into something that I call Wallet

A wallet has Balance, description, and stuff…

History when I put money in. Also when I took out money from it, with the description what I use that money for (For example Eating, friends, stuff)

. I just got an idea

Remember about getting additional responsibilities? One of those is about Edufair, because my friends don’t have a bank account. They asked me to pay for them

Well, they have debts to me

Maybe I can have a wallet that only contains debt from my friends… well, a lot of abstraction huh

The use is, I can know how much money I got on hand (That I can use directly, like e-money and wallet), money that is liquid (Can be easily accessed), and that is not liquid (Like investment), and debt

And… once a day maybe… I will check the amount of money and compare it to my spending history on Riwallet

If there’s a discrepancy, I can check for it… so there’s no money lost

Yeah… I don’t want to lose money for no reason, I don’t want to forget that money I put on my bag. And just the simple tendency that I have, to document everything…

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