RGB coverage and color blindness

You don’t know how much pride I got when I noticed this stupid things

So, I remember doing some color blindness test when I was in elementary school (I think) using some books that I usually read when in elementary school. And I got, I think quite a good result

But then, in some random YouTube I saw some random color blindness test, I think when I was in junior high

I can’t read the number

If you don’t know, color blindness looks like this
Hasil gambar untuk color blindness test
Can you see the number? I can, it is an 8… for this particular one, I don’t have trouble distinguishing the color

But, in junior high, and maybe in senior high, idk… I do saw some color blindness test, and I can’t distinguish the color

That’s when I feels so scared, am I color blind?

Is it because I spent more time on computer screen since junior high? I’m genuinely scared

PS. Now I remember about this vids from Logan Paul… lemme find that vids

Damn, it was 2 years ago…

Ok, so that vids brought my scared of color blindness back to the surface

I did some color blindness test again (In internet) after watching that vids… and I don’t think I did well

Then, a couple months ago… this issue come back to me again

I think it was some Akpol test (Police Academy things), and one of the requirement is Not color blind, that’s one big reason why I didn’t follow that test


PS. I remember one question that I asked in Unud’s Psychological Talk Show, the question was long and complicated, but to put it simply, Is self diagnosing using DSM-5 healthy?

I asked it because, Shane Dawson documentary about Jack Paul, I check myself, and I self diagnosed my self as sociopath, and I do research, and found self diagnosing is not healthy, and I want psychological major to clarify this

Now, I use that knowledge for this color blindness self diagnosing thing… I thinks it is not healthy

Just left it to the professional, the emotional impact is bad, now I regret not following that Akpol test… hmm, on second thought, I don’t think I regret it that much

This morning, I got biology class, my teacher, Pak Wirasana came, and we start a new chapter about human heredity

Then, we talked about color blindness, why this things resurfaced again and again -_-, well, I am fine with it actually

Then I remember this point exactly, when I connected the dots

Pak Wirasana jokes about people that broke red light in traffic light is color blind, remember! Jokingly

Then, MAYBE because this is CES season, I remember about tvs, because Linus cover some tv in ces and I watched them, LG to Samsung: Your Move and How does the rollable TV work?

Also I rewatched some technology connection vids about tvs, like These Are Not Pixels: Revisited a couple days ago

Also, I am in the middle of learning color grading in DaVinci resolve

Maybe that’s why I have this idea, this idea just CLICKED inside my mind when Pak Wirasana joked

Maybe, just maybe… The result of the color blindness test, was bad… not (entirely) because of I was color blind, but more because of my screen sucks

In junior high, I use Zenfone 2, now days I use Zenfone 4, and my computer’s screen is an old lcd from 10 years ago (Eaps, I don’t have money)

Those devices’s screen… to put simply is not the best, I mean these days, when talking about phone, tvs and monitor reviews, especially flagship one, they always talked about color coverage

I am aware of screen’s color reproducing limitation now (I wasn’t in junior high)

Maybe… that’s why I did the test badly

I mean I don’t know if real color blindness tests by real doctor use paper (Which they probably are) but at least this thought make me just a bit more comfortable

I mean,,, I can test this “hypothesis” easily, like doing this tests with my friends using the same screen

But… I think I will let this be vague, I think uncertainty is not always bad after all

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