Reading Poetry “Akhir Sebuah Perjalanan” and recognition

So I wrote poetry last year titled “Akhir Sebuah Perjalanan” which roughly translate to the end of a journey

I didn’t win the first place but my poetry got antalogi-zed (Made to a book), along with a dozen other poetry from all over Indonesia

Well, I am proud of this. Especially for the fact that I kinda successful writing this, I mean I got featured right, in a competition which participated by thousand people in Indonesia

With poetry that I wrote in around one hour

PS. Even now I can improve this poetry a lot, like A LOTS! yeah, more experienced me

I actually don’t want to show it off. I hate penjilat (Basically, people that tried too hard to appeal to a teacher, in a bad way) so I didn’t do it… until today of course

First, I actually I already wanted to show it since last weeks, since I got my STIFIn result (Which I will talk a bit more in another post later after I finish processing it)

I highlighted the field Increasing learning interest (Bad translation): Given recognition from people that he looked up to

That’s really me, I mean I already realized it since I got the trophy of this competition but didn’t get praise from my father… Yeah, I want to get a compliment, that’s basically it

PS. That is really clicked to me, I mean I always rated BAD at studying motivation in any psychology test that I participated in… I mean I prefer running than studying. I really want to talk about these more, really.

So I figured, maybe this is a good time to get some recognition from my teacher. I always feel like my teacher never acknowledge my hard work (Mostly because they simply don’t know, I worked behind the scene mostly)

Also, my Bahasa Teacher forced us to make questions, and when my classmates have no question anymore… I step forward (With some push from Aldy and Wira) and read my poetry.

ALSO. I don’t really want to put it here actually. But I am not the biggest fans of my Bahasa teacher. Don’t get me wrong, I respected him. But I don’t really like his way of teaching.

Therefore, I have this plan (Since like October last year)…

I will excel at the subject that I don’t like, so I can ‘silent’ my teacher

Now I wrote it, it sounds… SO SMART!!! :v

I mean that’s a big motivation for why I wrote my Disconnect Nostalgia novel… 😀 bad motivation

Well, back to the topic

I am kinda scared to read it, my bahasa teacher is kinda unpredictable… But well, surely he gave me a good response for my creativity. Which I admire him for this.

One of my friend, Siti recorded me… which I actually kinda mad at first, but then I realized, documenting everything, recording without permission sounds exactly like me.

Also, at first I WANTed my friend to record me, but well… I was just so embarrassed. But thankfully Siti records it. My challenge for myself. Someone documented it. Thanks a lot, Siti.

I mean you can clearly see that I am really cringed there…

This is sad poetry about splitting apart, my anxiety (Keresahan as Raditya Dika said) of me going to a different way from my friends

I can read sad poetry quite nicely (Not great), but I was just too nervous… and reading poetry about my anxiety, ABOUT THEM IN FRONT OF THEM… did really get to me

But now I have released something from my chest

I feel I can breath more… better?

There are some more things in my chest, something that I don’t want to regret when I graduated from high school


When I asked my Class’s WA group, they said… maybe girlfriend…


At least I express my anxiety,

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