Reading my own novel

So I have finished my first draft, the first novel of the Disconnect series, also the first part of the Nostalgia tetralogy or whatever

Now, I am trying to go to editing phase… I enabled my editor switch inside my brain, and…

It’s hard to read your own novel

I know every character already, I know every arc, I know the outcome, I know the twist…

Assuming my draft is good (Eaps, assuming). I can’t finish reading my novel because the story is just, I already know the story


Now I realize, people do re-read their novel… right? I mean I wanted to re-read this Brothermaker novel by Wulanfadi

I also rewatch a lot of anime, like ReLife, Oregairu, Hyouka and Golden Time… yeah I watched them because I am in the early phase of senior high to college transition

So, why is it so hard to read my novel?

Maybe because I turned my editor mode on?

Because I turned my editor mode on, I write on my manuscript, I strikethrought it, I marked it

Is that why? I mean I don’t mark the bad part of the novel that I am currently reading… so should I turn it off?

I think that’s possible, the draft 2… this first editing phase, in my plan should be just changing the plot, adding more event or scrapping the bad one…

Editing the plot is possible, because there’s not much to remember, I probably can remember “Add friendship arc infront so the reader understand the hardship Erika currently facing”, right?

I mean I just recall that, and I also can read it per chapter, then make note… so no note for every paragraph, sounds good

Should I?

I don’t think so, I think I just need to note less, and read more…

Oh yeah… I just realize something

According to my track record, I am really slow reading novel… is that the reason?

I mean I already at half way of my novel in just like 2 weeks

Compare to 6 months to complete Breaking Point novel… probably good,

The thing is I am a fast reader, I have won a competition of fast reading in my elementary school, haha

So yeah, don’t know… I read fast, but write slow… that’s probably why

Yeah… still assuming my novel IS not the factor here :3 Self doubt

If you ask me, “I thought you already publish you novel?” eaps I did…

But that’s the first draft

I want someone to read my first draft, well my friend Sigal already read it… but I think someone can learn from the first chapter of my first finished draft (Yeah, I write novel a tons before, but none finished)

Idk, self doubt… an arc inside my novel… now it’s part of my journey, well… it’s always been part of me

Should I mark this post as First Time Syndrome? … I don’t think so

So yeah, bye

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