Putri Tanjung

Well, I heard the name Chairul Tanjung before. I think I heard it somewhere in the tv (Yeah I watch TV, a long long time ago)

Something like Chairul Tanjung si anak singkong, which roughly translated to the son of cassava… which mean, well, after watching an interview that he did in 2012

I concluded the son of cassava doesn’t really mean what I thought it means initially

I thought it means, Chairul Tanjung rose to his success by selling cassava… which really intrigue the young me

But, according to that interview. That actually just a term people used for people that lived near a train tracks, in a slum or something like that (Need to rewatch that vids, well I just watched it a couple hours ago, but I didn’t pay attention)

Then, a couple days ago damn, it was yesterday, why do I feel like it was a long time ago. Did that much things happen today and yesterday?

Yesterday I watched that vid (Above) by Raditya Dika. He seems like into business lately. I liked it, I learned a lot from him lately (Like his investment, will talk about it someday)

The main for me was, that Tanjung word in the title, it sounds weirdly familiar… so I just watch it

There I learned Putri Tanjung is the daughter of Chairul Tanjung, leader of CT Corp

Chairul Tanjung, I mistakenly type it wrongly, Chairil which came from the name Chairil Anwar. Idk, just interesting, two famous people have similar names

And btw…

After doing a quick Google Search of CT Corp, I realized how much sub-company it has. Like they have Trans group (TV Station[s]), Mega Bank, Sinar Mas, Djarum, Gudang Garam, Kompas Gramedia, and MNC Corporation… and more

The ones that I listed are companies that I know personally, but I didn’t know they owned by the same parent company, CT Corp

Now I want to read his biography… but my money is in a crisis state right now, but well… let’s think about that later

BTW, this post should talk about Putri Tanjung. But his father overshadowed her, kinda sad actually. It reminded me of my old novel idea, of how difficult it would be to be the children of Bill Gates

But, in that vid they… well, even in the first minute they talked about making business, a coffee shop business

She is, 22 yo right now (I can’t find good info on her age), and she already started doing business in the age of 15

I am 18 years old right now, I do have businesses idea, but I don’t have the confidence to do those ideas. Like, I always second guessed myself

She was raised in a businessman family. Of course, she has some experience dealing with business stuff. Like she talked about she met with her father’s business partner and stuff

I kinda jealous, I want to start my business at the age of 15, I want to have business experience from my family…

But now I rethink about it again, I remembered this quote of mine

People succeded for different reason, but they fail for the same reason

Also, I think of myself as a lucky person. I mean I’ve been living in a good family, with good financial, a car in my garage. Phones, tablets, light, computer, laptops, bed and roof in my room. I lived in Bali, people spend thousands to come here, and I lived here.

Also recently, I realized Denpasar and Indonesia are a huge potential place to be living in. Heck I even reconsider Unud because of my current governor

Indonesia is a really beautiful and lovely country, not really free but not stricted as well. We live in harmony here

So I guess, I love my current situation. But I can make it better.

Putri Tanjung, when she did her presentation in front of potential sponsor and client, often got rejected… I don’t know how I would feel if I was in her position

I have a lot of room for improvement,

As a quote that I saw at Go-Jek startup-website a couple hours ago said

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