Proposal Alfamart as a logistic courier

Hasil gambar untuk alfamart

I actually already have this idea since a couple of months ago

The idea is quite simple… but let’s examine the problem first
J&T, JNE, and POS are the main courier in Indonesia

But they all got one problem that I hate (That also bother my first time selling stuff online experience)

That problem was and still is… they don’t open all the time

Well, of course, they don’t open 24/7, but the problem is they are not even open most of the times

Like, they are only open from Monday to Saturday, during the day

Okay, that doesn’t sound bad… but for POS, they only open in Afternoon

That’s a huge problem for me, yeah me, who is a student maybe also for workers that worked 8 hours a day

Because we can’t sell stuff online at night when we got home

Okay now that I wrote it, that doesn’t sound bad

But it would be nice to be able to send stuff in the night. And maybe get stuff at night without waiting until the Afternoon

The idea is, using Alfamart (And also Indomaret) as multi service stuff, a company that has branch everywhere

If Go-Jek is multi-service on demand, then Alfa and Indo can be multibranch

If you don’t know, Indomaret and Alfamart are big retailers in Indonesia. They have branch everywhere, there are like 3 near me.

Don’t you think they would be a perfect office for courier service? I mean they open most of the times. Some of them even open 24/7.

It also doesn’t cost them any more than they’re now. They already have branch everywhere, they already got trucks and logistic (To resupply their inventory)

Well, maybe they need to hire some more people to bring the stuff to our homes, but they can advertise this service as a pick-up style logistic, without to-home delivery

PS. Holy shit, I got the main idea wrong…

This post suppose to be “Proposal Alfamart as a bank teller”, but my old idea of them being courier get mixed in my mind somehow

Well, I guess I will let it be here

And write the bank teller one another time

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