Practiced Driving with Galih

So, there’s this event called Edufair that would be held in January 27th

I help buy my friends tickets… but one of my friends asked me to drive us there (Audry)

That’s… a big responsibility for me… but I want to take it as a challenge


Well, maybe there will be 5 of my friends inside my car (My father’s car), so… that’s at least, 5 times as big of responsibilities for me as I usually take when driving

That would be the first time I drive more than one friend inside my car…

Well, actually

There’s only one time I drive with my friend using a car. That friend was Arya…

We go to Denpasar with an intention to take my supposedly fixed motherboard and watch Deadpool (I think I will write a story about it later)

That’s the first time I drive with my friend to Denpasar, to … anywhere really.

The pressure of being responsible for someone else’s life (That’s not from my family) really took me then. I did a lot of mistakes, one of which is quite major (Not that bad actually tbh)

Well, I will talk about it later. But that event happened last year… (Lemme google it) holy shit, around May 2018 (When deadpool 2 released)

And today, because it’s been awhile I didn’t drive a car. I want to practice driving it again, basically I want to de-rust my driving skill

Also… I want to challenge myself of being responsible to my other friend

And the candidate was, Galih… I asked him since a couple days ago, but we finally have gone with today.

Well… we went to Penelokan, I already get used to this road (I drive there a lot when learning to drive a car) so it wasn’t that hard

The road itself is not crowded like Denpasar, kinda curvy and there’s a lot of climbing and descending (Probably not the perfect word choices), but compare to Denpasar, this route is not that hard


So yeah, I just want to practice driving today… not really with being responsible thing

I will practice that later, maybe next week I will go somewhere… maybe my excuse would be something like, watching a film or something

But well, today’s practice wasn’t that hard

There’s rain along the way, which I loved btw… I always love rain while driving (If I drive a car of course) it make the atmosphere really personal

That one hour is a perfect time to talk…

So we just talked about … a lot of stuff… love life struggles and stuff (Like ordinary high school student)

I did one mistake, a small mistake. At Penelokan when I have to do a sharp right turn. The road is going uphill, but I use 2nd gear… so my car struggled, I fixed it immediately by changing to 1st gear

Small mistake… mostly because I didn’t pay enough attention

But also because I afraid Galih would judge my driving skill… which I am comfortable with, he is cool when giving his opinion (Unlike Arya -,-)

But still… I just tried too hard to … impress him with my driving skill? That I didn’t pay enough attention to my driving

Well, that only happen once, I think I just need to chill

Hard to explain

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