Phonetic Sounds and Voice Synth

So I just watched The Game Theorist vids on… well this is the vid

Seek to 9:48 time

There mentioned phonetic sounds, which, to my understanding is, building block of voice

That wording, remind me of this old vids… lemme find that for a secconds… Nat and Lo, something-something something
Found it

That vids, when I watched it, a couple years ago (Can’t remember) inspired me to create my own voice synth, especially for Bahasa Indonesia

The purpose, looking back, probably because my father love his GPS… and I being a programmer, want to build it myself :3 which of course,, wait, it’s 2019 and I don’t have it yet

haha :’)

Yeah, idk… just want to write about it for a second

Note to self, phonetic sounds

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