PDSS, getting additional responsibilities

Okay, let’s start a new segment, or as I like to call it: Challenge

Actually I want to add First Time Syndrome as well, but well… it is a first time syndrome, but not sure either

Btw, as I said, my new hair style sucks… and that’s when I validating my friends data using formula


(I felt asleep)

Oh shit, I really need to take my time to rest

But let’s get to the topic

PDSS, which stands for Pangkalan Data Siswa Sekolah. Something like Student-School Database.

The function of this PDSS thing is, hmm, how should I put it… to get to community university, using snmptn

What is snmptn? I know, it’s hard to explain, I am personally still don’t entirely sure either. Basically, it’s one way to get to university…

It’s complicated, unnecessarily complicated to be honest imo

(I went to pick up my father)

This snmptn use our report (from 6 semester we spent at senior high, we use the first 5 semester), and maybe some additional data, like achievement and something that depend on each university…

and maybe there’s some secret sauce somewhere… and yeah, of course, my weakest point, luck

But let’s focus on PDSS part, after going all over the place with this article… felt asleep and literary going picking up my father :v

This monday, during flag ceremony, my school told us to fill some excel format to make it easier to put our report data to the database

I don’t know why, but… we already got e-report, why we should put it manually?! Like seriously, we just put another point of failure in this system

The thing that make me more rage is, if we put it wrongly (Intentionally or not), we risk to be ban from… snm? idk

And how they determine the data is wrong? Using the e-report… like wtf?!

Well, that’s according to the information that I know, which is just barely enough (Seriously)

This filling form program is just given to us, no system implemented, just up to us… well, ordinarily this kind of task would be given to class representative, then to secretary

But my class’s structure is… how should I put it,,, bad?…

Therefor, from Monday to Thursday, we spent our time arguing how to do this… should our secretary did everything? Or, we make form then give it to our secretary, or do it ourselves?

PS. The data point for one student is already too much, like… so much data, 13 subject*2 scale type*5 semester and some additional info (Like nasional student numbering, name, parent’s name etc)

That’s just for one person, now, my class have 29 student… that’s at the very least 3770 data point

If we gave that responsibilities to one person, I can’t imagine how stress that person would be, especially with just 2 days left

PS. about that 2 scale type… that’s just pure stupid tbh… My report scale used scale 100 in senior high (Btw, in junior high, sometimes it used scale 4, sometimes scale 100, stupid right?)

I mean, we should just input one type, that’s scale 100, that’s it

Or at least, gimme excel formula that automatically translate that scale 100 to scale 4

Or at least gimme the freedom to do so, (Which I can tbh, but for a reason I didn’t do that)

So, Bayu and I (Bayu is my class rep, he sit besides me) came up with this idea…

I do this often, doing one document together, using Google Docs when I have group works, I did this often

But the thing is, why didn’t I come up with this idea myself, I need Bayu to ask me ‘can we do this’

Bayu probably this was possible because he was part of my religion group, and I did this technique as well there

But, long story short, he reminded me about it, and I suggest it to the class, which they agreed with

I still can’t understand why didn’t I thought about it myself, probably because I didn’t think that was part of my responsibility, or because my lack of sleep (Don’t even get me started about my insomnia … again)

First, I upload the form to my google drive, then change it to spreadsheet format (From excel) and share the link to my class

I got one problem with google drive here, I gave edit¬†permission to everybody that knew the link… but in reality, some of the files is read only… why google drive?

The frustrating part is, just some of the files… not all, just some…

So I solved that problem by inputting my friend’s email as contributer

Then another problem arise, some of them don’t know how to do this collaboration things…

-,- … Then I tell them how this thing works, and why this is the best way to complete this task on time, as accurately, and with some additional benefit

Like we can check the data from home, we can fill it ourselves, and recheck, and recheck again

And of course, it’s not me if I don’t have side intention :v evil smile ūüôā

I want to use this data for my unifi¬†project… and do some data science¬†stuff… that’s it

Okay, so after solving some other problem, we fill the data

On Friday, some of my friends write the data on paper, and Listya (Huge credit to her) helped to input their data

Some of my friends input it themselves at homes

And some other, asked me to fill it… which of course I tried to declined, but at the end, because I need to finish it by Saturday, I got no other choice

Well, of course I do… :D, I asked Galih and Arya to help me fill some of the data, some of them asked Dwik… and so on

So basically, it is worth it…

I mean, I also introduced them a new way (For them) of how to do stuff collaboratively, online… which hopefully they can use later in life

Then, Saturday, this morning, we already filled most of the data

Btw I fill my data on Friday night…

Then, when I check my data, semester 5… why my data is not the same as in the report???

Here I realize something, well… I bet this didn’t happened… is there, some kind of sabotage? No, the answer is no

So our report have two types of scoring, cognitive and skills, the form only need the cognitive part (Which make me question, what is that skills score for? One of my friend answer me: For ranking purpose, made sense, I think it was Busel, maybe)

And I mistakenly, input the skills score when actually I need to put the cognitive score… (Just the 5th semester is wrong)

That is when I realize, I do really need to automate some of the validation part…

I already want to do some error checking even from Friday, but I simply wasn’t able to, I was just soooo tired)

I want to check if the scale 4 and scale 100 is the same value, then compare the value of each subject to class average, minimum and maximum possible score, etc

I do this using Excel, actually I want to do cell formatting (Color red for bad, yellow to check it again, and white for okay) or web app based apps (Unifi)… but of course I got no time for that

I only have two hours, from 11 to 1 PM… And Busel want to go home as soon as possible even more constraining my time… maybe to only 1 hour

So… I just do the simplest test, and just use if formula¬†in excel, and copy paste the data source to validate… which is already took long

I can’t concentrate, I need my friends to ask me what I do… at first I did it per person basis, but my friend said it wasn’t efficient, which I agreed with (Like wtf, why I did it that way at first?!)… then I do it per semester basis

Sorry I need to censor it

The idea is, if the scale 4 and scale 100 is not match (if the scale 100 said 75, the scale 4 should say 3) otherwise put beda (Different)

As you can see, I did that in a rush, that’s like 12:03 PM, I already finished the formula, but I need my friend to fix the problem, one hour left)

Btw, if you see at the top right corner, Galih Pawitra, yeah… I used my friend’s laptop… I have no laptop, please buy me one… please :’)

PS. I can do much better than this simple validation, a lot better in fact if only I got more time left

And none of my friends begging to go home as fast as possible (Talking about you Busel), he wanted to go home fast because of jam kosong (No teacher, basically)

And here maybe you will ask me… why didn’t I make a formula to translate scale 100 to scale 4 automatically? Well, there are some reasoning behind it

The first, (That happened outside my intention) is some (Two I think) of my friends already fill the form, including base 4 and 100 manually (They did it while I struggle to explaining how this works)… It won’t be fair for them (And troublesome for me) to automate the other 27 of my friends

The second, which is my main intention… is so they can be responsible for their own data, for the data they inputted… If I use computer to calculate the scale 4 based on scale 100, what if this wrong, who should they blame? If they calculate it themselves using calculator, they can be responsible for their own inputted data

The third, so they conscious about their data… by inputting two form of the same data, I will got data to compare just in case they put it wrongly… also, I forced them to recheck the data they inputted

The fourth, (Not my intention, I just think about it later), I got some validation, after the check session, one of my friends thanks me, ‘glad there’s someone who skilled in IT’¬†that’s… a nice bonus for me… unintentionally I showed off my skills to the front (Usually I do this kind of stuff behind the scene)

But the main reason is, so they can responsible for their data… that’s it

Then, after a lot of validation, check and recheck, coordination… I export the data back to excel, and with Galih, Bayu and Arya bring the data to the BK Office (Counseling Guidance, responsible for snmptn)

As I said, I don’t do this kind of things often

I usually don’t take more responsibilities than what I really have to, but this time, I take this additional responsibilities to coordinate this form thing to my class

Why? Business Arc… I realized, I will have to do this kind of task when I become a CEO, or boss or whatever… so I do this, for experience… consciously… and responsibly

And let me tell you, I love the feeling… when I complete some task, when people aware of the works I done for them, I feel good

I feel, self validation…¬†I feel I CAN… Slowly, I try to defeat my own self-doubt

My self… oh ya… even though my way of saying it make the impression this is the first time I do this kind of things, I’m not… I do take additional responsibilities, and that involved others

But recently I do that often (I will tell you more later), like about Edufair ticket

I really am… impressed by myself…

See? You can do it

That’s what I said to myself right now

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