“Paving my way”

This morning, like 6:30 in the morning. At Galih’s kost I tried to sleep. I played some random YouTube vid in the background to make me sleep

Btw, yeah morning… We have a PE Class, but it was rainy… so I, Galih and Wira decided to just f it up, and sleep

While listening to the YouTube, I heard this phrase said again and again… it was used more as an idiom then a quote

He paved his way toward his success

Something like that, I forgot the exact word

But I will derive that idiom into a full blown quote

Paving my way toward my success – Hari Anugrah

Basically what the quote means is, not that different from the idiom. Struggle and work my way toward the future, a bright future presumably

I just realized it is not different enough, but who cares! I need 100 posts!

I use the word paving because I want to imply the slow process we need to take to make our way to our goal

And by, my way I want to imply the fact that… we, people, get to their success in their own way. Not by copying someone else’s way

We can learn from them, but never a 1:1 copy… the world doesn’t need the exact same person, twice

And yeah… I’m in rushing mode right now… maybe I will talk about it more later

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