Old phones vs new phones, and stolen design

Well, I go to school today. In fact I still at school right now. Sitting in the corner :v
Earlier this morning, I and Galih talked about his old phones, the Xiaomi Note 4 or what
He brought his old phone and his new phone, Xiaomi MiA1
The interesting thing is, when one of my friend approach us, she asked us about the phone on the table (old xiaomi)
That’s interesting, mostly because… first she didn’t realized that was Galih’s old phone
Second, I too, wouldn’t know which one is his newer phone if someone asked my
What do I mean? Idk, I started to talk nonsense
What I mean is, phones development was slow recently
The last thing that I could use to differentiate between older and newer phone is, notches
Yeah, unfortunately
Actually, I don’t really care about notches, I don’t they they looks THAT ugly
Except Google Pixel’s one… obviously
He also talked about his design
The design he, Galih made a couple years ago…
So he made the design, asked his sister to print it as a phone hard case and used it for his xiaomi note phone
Last month, his design was published in some random ig…
That kinda makes me, jealous? Idk, I just feels kinda under achieving
I know I can design better than him, but he is the one who got, stolen? wtf
Why I feels like failed at things that I do -,-
He didn’t even try, just like the last osn
:’) move on Gusti! move on!!!

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