Nighttime, I mean blackout

Yesterday on January 24th, 2018 was a really hard day. Especially for electricity-needer like me (Is that even a word)

There were two blackouts! Once in the afternoon, and then later in the evening (Until night)

Well, to be honest, it’s more like once in the evening, and another one from evening until night. But saying it was afternoon is not incorrect… I guess

I forgot the exact time frame, but the first blackout was around 4PM and last around one to two hour. Not really that bad actually…

My WIFI-router was off, but I have mobile data on my phone

My computer was off, but I got a phone and a notebook

And evening is not my productive time, so I don’t really mind it

Until I realized, my water dispenser also use electricity to works!

That’s bad, I can’t drink water. I mean, I wasn’t thirsty anyway, so it was okay. I mean I can go out and buy a bottle of water, right?

Oh ya! PDSS! I need to verify my data, tomorrow (Today, Jan 25th) [suppose to be] the last day to verify it

But well… I mean my school’s electricity probably off. My computer wasn’t on, and PDSS’s sites on mobile sucks… I guess I had to wait

Then … the electricity came online…

I forgot what I did when the electricity finally on again. Probably I was eating something

Then, in the evening. Once again the electricity was turned off. Okay… that’s weird…

The first blackout probably because off trees felt to an electricity cable and snapped it, effectively disconnecting the electricity

That’s was my thought, the winds were blowing hard. Probably a trees fall here and there (I hope no one gets hurt)

Then they fixed it (Presumably), and then … blackout again?

Yeah, maybe another tree felt again. But the weird thing is, when the first blackout hit, I asked my classmates and most of them said their electricity also off. But now, only a couple of us do

Well… now I write about it… it does make sense. Maybe the second cable wasn’t covering that big of an area, so the affected area wasn’t that big

The second blackout lasted around… a long time… from evening to around 10PM

I hadn’t drunk any water… I thought and still think that water dispenser is a mistake

My curiosity of course peaked again in the night.

I go outside, and saw the starts. It reminded me of Nyepi. This kind of darkness is really calming. Without those light pollution

But, because of that second blackout happened at night, around my productive time. Yesterday I wasn’t productive, other reason is I was too tired

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