New perspective into youtuber

I watch PewDiePie video often, like every single day as of these days

One content of his that I quite remember is about rating apology video

I watch some youtube apology video, and the thing is… well I analyze them

Well, that sounds exactly like me… overthinking stuff

But after watching that vid (Above), I realize I shouldn’t do that

Why? Well…

People don’t act naturally in front of a camera, especially when thousands of people pointing a gun at you

So, analyzing them is kinda useless… and dangerous to be honest

So yeah…

Well, I want to be a youtuber, and this gave me a new perspective into youtuber

I mean YouTube Content Creator…

It would be hard to get that amount of responsibilities

Yesterday I watched a vid of CDawgVA, I think I would talk about that in another post, The problem of becoming viral instantly

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