My friends read my novel

I already started writing my novel since late oktober, I think

Ever since the first draft, I already pitched it to my friend, Galih. Which to my surprised, he liked it

Was it because the outline was good, or was it because I read it for him (Idea behind Angan Sore)

That was a huge ego boost for me, that helped me finished the outline

Then, I asked my friend, Mita (Micel) to read my outline, she liked reading novel. Which I know because she read Breaking Point, a novel that I own, in just like, 6 hours or something.

She, have some complain, of course. Mostly in the way that I structure my wording, made sense. Because that was only an outline, and, was written by a complete amateur

Then fast forward to..
Omg, it was Dec 22nd, about two weeks ago. Damn time passed to fast

I asked one of my old friend, Sigal of his opinion of my first draft, not the outline, but the completed first draft, manuscript

He finished reading it in about 8 hours, he mentioned he skipped some content he found out boring, like my way of describing action

He critique me a lot, which is exactly what I wanted, but because I use WhatsApp, it’s hard to really communicate what he intended to say, instead I just his typing, I can’t read emotion via text u know

Believe me, it was quite hard to be critized. But he gave me a lot of insight that I would miss myself, I accept most of his criticism, but not all

Then, skip again to yesterday. The first day of 6th semester, January 7th 2019

Taken by Anjay

I COMMAND Micel to read my novel again :v, command :v

She read it, but she didn’t really finished it

Was it because the novel was boring, or was it because the situation just make it hard for her to finish it?

Well, she read half of the novel in like an hour, so I would like it to be the latter

I want her to finish reading it and gave me her opinion, but I forgot to lend her it this morning

She is not a great help in term of improving my novel, but it feels nice when someone read your novel, especially if they liked it

Then, because she read it in the classroom, some of my friends notice it

Like Wira and Aldy, they kinda praise me for it… I told Aldy I put it on Wattpad, he seems amazed

I think he didn’t know how Wattpad works, so I explain it a bit, it is not as great as you think, Wattpad’s content is user generated, I don’t need to go through editorial to publish it there

And of course, he kinda disappointed, wait… he actually didn’t disappointed, did he?

Idk, I think a lot of my friends now know I write novel, Anan (Busel) probably know it as well, but I kinda mislead him intentionally :v haha

So yeah, I already started writing my next outline for the next draft (I need to optimize my workflow)

But I gave them my first draft, they kinda amazed that I finished it at all… which to be honest, I am as well, I kinda proud that I finished it. I think that’s already enough.

But of course, Angan Sore!!!

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