My first finished 2019 resolution!

Yeah, today I wrote like 8 posts already… that is because, I want to finish my edited new year resolution

From 100 posts for 2019 to 100 posts for January of 2019… From 12 months to 1-month time limit

I even have to develop (Not really) a new writing format, a shorter writing format to achive this

I’ve been posting 1 posts per day for the last couple of days… that’s why I need to write a lot, like a lot of posts today to fill that gaps

Doesn’t matter the quality, well, the quality was never great… so I just need to focus on the quantity, for today at least

PS. This is 11:53 PM… I need to write this fast… I got 7 minutes left

So yeah… At least I finished one new year resolution…

I hope the 100 posts that I’ve been written for the last 31 days is worth it… but for me, for you, and for the reader

For the future biography of me… so people can understand what I thought currently, and not only just retrospectively speaking (Like ordinary biography)

It must feel nice to put a check mark on that one item!

I think I am a hard worker now… I need to use this to be a smart worker

With 4 minutes left, I will proudly say,

I wrote 100 posts this month

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