My favorite subjects, always got skipped

It happened again, not skipped per se, but it is easier to title it that way

My favorite subject to study include something like Biology, Computer, Physics, Math, Citizenship and Sport

But is it just me or… I never liked the subjects that I liked… hmmm, how should I put it

Let’s, for example take Computer, I love it. I can spend all day and night doing computer stuff. Programming, designing, editing, writing, and stuff

But, in Computer Class that I have at school… I just don’t enjoy it, in fact, I kinda hate it

Also, maybe because I don’t enjoy the class, I started to dislike the teacher. I still respect them, but I don’t like them inside classes


Well, if I have to come up with a theory. Maybe because, I love those subjects with passion, but the teachers either don’t or just can’t

I acknowledge that my teachers have limitations. Not only that, but our curriculum and other things limit them way more.

Again, Computer. In my current Computer Class, we got Editing chapter. I love editing, I expect to increase my skill by learning advanced stuff like high-level adobe premiere or maybe even after effect, or at least the mid of DaVinci Resolve

But no. What I got is Camtasia… an editing software that I already used since 7th grade. Not only that, but we just learn the basics, the very very basics. Like opening Camtasia for example…

But, I understand if that’s what my curriculum said we suppose to study. I don’t know, maybe my teacher is an expert at editing, maybe he just can’t share his knowledge because the curriculum limits him?

Or,,, maybe he doesn’t have a passion for the computer? Idk

Well, learning the basics is normal… the curriculum say we should learn the basics, and I agreed with it. I just … don’t like it. Re-learning the basics is something I do a lot, but I do it quickly, without doing some random stuff like writing (Copy-pasting) documents

On the other hand… I have Math. A subject that, I can’t believe I will say it, but I like Math.

I fully respect my Math teacher(s), they’re passionate about teaching Math and Math itself, but… they’re clearly screwed by the curriculum. I don’t feel like explaining it.

Physics, one subjects (Other than Biology) that fascinated me. I subscribed to a lot of Edu-YouTuber just to watch content around Science

But… again my curriculum just packed like, (Around) 12 chapters into a (Not even close) 12 months

Last week, my teacher spend ONE DAY explaining about something that I fascinated by… Electromagnetic wave. I want to explore it more! I want to share my knowledge about 4G! I want to talk about how we started using it and how we use it today!

But well… one day, 2 study hours, an 80 minutes class….. How can we explore it more?!

Then again today, we spend ONE DAY to study THE WEIRD YET FASCINATING WORLD OF QUANTUM. I want to talk more about it! I want to show off my knowledge of it! I want to talk about quantum computing and stuff!!!


Tomorrow, we will spend 80 minutes studying relativity… holy shit… It’s just not enough.

Idk… Basically, I just want my teacher recognized and praise me. And the only chance I can do it is in front of them. But, I just don’t get what I should get.

A teacher should have passion in what they taught

A teacher should praise students who excels at their subject

A teacher should share more about their relation with the subject that they taught

A teacher should make us excited about the stuff we will study

A teacher …

Then again, who am I? Just a naive little student.

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