Mayuko and Joma and dream job and burned out

I mention about Joma’s burned out a couple of posts ago I am desperate, help me

PS. Holy shit, it was 12 days ago

Mayuko just uploaded a video, it is about… guess what, it is about burned out as well (kinda)

Okay, that’s really worrisome. Mayuko, which helped Juma for his channel also got burned out.

And btw about Joma, I think he got it harder, he was more emotional about it because he made the video in the peak of his emotion

They got it around the same time, at the end of last year.

They’re both programmers, who were also a programmer. Just like me, I am afraid that I would get burned out as well in the future

Especially if I got burned out, in one of my dream jobs, a programmer, that… feel like… idk, I would need to check my privilege right then

I just, worried

Even these days I got burned down a lot because I worked as a programmer-writer-blogger-youtuber and most importantly student

Heck, even this morning I got burned down and need to take a break

I have a dream, also… I want to reach it, of course

But I am also afraid to reach it because idk what next

Well I know what next, an entrepreneur

But, what’s next after that next?

I guess I will have to worry about it then

Not fun…

Especially, people that helped motivate me to get to computer science, got burned down because of it

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