Lost Twin Story

About a twin, an identical twin. Both of them involved in some kind of car crash. And both of them injured badly

Inspired by a moral dilemma, a doctor (Or surgeon) who have patiences. One healthy patience, and let’s say 5 other patiences. Those 5 patiences each need an organ transplantation, a hearth, a kidney, a skin graft, a liver and a … idk, let’s use 4

The surgeon can’t take organ from other badly injured patiences, because of he did, bad thing would happen. Or maybe that normal healthy person so happen to be a perfect donor for all of them

Will you let these 4 died and one lived, or these 4 died and one died?

Inspired by that, These twins. Let’s call them Visla and Aisle (Taken from my Disconnect’s names repo)

Visla and Aisle are badly injured in this crash. When they both got to a hospital, their health dropped to a critical condition. The reason is, they have multiple organ failure.

But there’s a way, so saved them. I mean one of them. By sacrificing the other.

They both are badly injured, but the injured organs are different. If we can take the healthy one and put it to one person, there’s a small probability she would survive. While the other has 100% probability to die

Then they both awaken by a doctor, and asked, “Who would sacrifice herself to save the other”

Initially, they cried because they know, no matter the choice is, one of them gonna lose the other

Then their anesthesia started to wear off… and they started to feel their broken inside screaming

Their parent cried out loud. And could not decide

Vi and Ai cried to each other, at first they want to sacrifice themselves to save the other. But that changed when the doctor said “Eriel, is not badly injured”

Ai and Vi both loved Eriel, Eriel drive the car for them when the tragedy hits

They don’t want to lose Eriel, and their ego started to make them don’t want to die

Then the doctor got a news, the doctor shocked

Their moms killed herself, she hung herself and died in the hospital toilet. Killing herself, without compromising her own internal organs, she is the third option

PS. Inspired by an episode of House MD. Damn, that moment was really a hits

The doctor checks the organs compatibility and it was a match

Ai and Vi both survive, but they don’t know the truth, they’re hidden from the truth that their moms killed herself to save them

If they asked where’s mom, their father would anwer that their mom have to go abroad to continue her study in medical stuff, which is a lie


That brief moment, when they fight for who will survive really impacted their relationship. After they got out of hospital, they don’t feel comfortable in other’s company

You once wanted me to die

Then, maybe Eriel is the one who fixed their relationship?

Wait, I think Eriel shouldn’t drive the car… let’s say they’re going to a competition drived by a teacher from their school… okay

Then… the climax would be something like this

Eriel have to choose, between Ai or Vi. But they want Eriel to choose the other (Like Kaguya and Yuzuru)

The ending… have no idea

Inspiration: A scene from Date A Live Season 3 Episode 3, around 5:59. When Kaguya cried about the lost Yuzuru, about Shido who gave them the third option

Btw this anime have some impactful moment, like that one time Shido died blablabla… But they don’t elaborate more on that, kinda lost potential. Which is the consequences of the story design, I want to make an alternative ending version

I scared someone would steal this idea, my (maybe cryptomnesia) idea. But I want someone to read this, and I want to make an Angan Sore out of this

And btw, maybe imagining a story of a crash is not good. Especially because tomorrow I will drive a car with my friends to Edufair

I really hope nothing bad happens. Astungkara.

And this is too late 1:51 AM… damn

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