Linus and his favorite youtuber

I should stop this -_-

So my project is, if I have thought on something, write it on my blog… but seems like I think too much

Linus, I love his video… a lot about him and his company add motivation to my ultimate goal

This morning, while half awake, I watched his video, as usual (I love his personality more than his content, sorry :v )

There mentioned Linus’s college, one of them jokingly said it was a money burn or whatever…

And now I open wikipedia article about him, first and for most to see where he study (Which I probably already did before)

Then, on his Personal Life section

That remind me of Austin’s house burned accident in the past, huh

The TotalBiscuit, doesn’t sounds familiar… so, as pure curiosity I read his wiki page as well then. (From gigguk to sydsnap, maybe I found someone close to linus as well)

Holy shit, life is rough :’) don’t do that please

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