Let’s try DaVinci Resolve

Coming from this vids

That video mentioned DaVinci resolve, which I heard before… but prior to watching that video, all I know about DaVinci resolve is that, that software is ONLY used for color grading

But because I am not that heavy user of color grading, I don’t really care that much about it, but recently I want to try out new things

Like Gimp and Firebase for example

I’ve been using Premiere pro since junior high school, the first video (that I remember) I made using Premiere was, some random keyframe learning stuff

I am pretty sure I already using Premiere Pro since at least 8th grade, maybe… but that’s the video I remember

So it’s been about 5 years I use Premiere Pro, the funny things is that, I use most of the time, the trial version… I often reinstall my Windows -,- damn you Insider Program

But, I use, pirated version of premiere… which I am not proud of

But I only do that because Premiere doesn’t have free version that I can use for learning purpose… as a software developer myself, I kinda ashamed of myself

Also, for Angan Sore project, I want to create a studio for it, and adobe suit license, is simply too expensive

Therefor, I want to make myself comfortable with DaVinci resolve, at least I will try it for a while

I don’t have any expectation, yet… already installed it, which btw is JUST around 1 GB, even PUBG is more than 10 times bigger

1 GB, I just download it, in like 10 minutes or so… it reminded me of my old internet when I was 5th grade, old Flexy internet with only 20KBps internet speed, compare to now, 20mbps…

Really glad… thx for my father

And btw, DaVinci also have Linux version, which is good since I want to try use Ubuntu more

And btw, I am in nowhere is a professional editor, I don’t use most features Premiere have to offer

Also, some references

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