Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai with Gang

I loved this anime movie, I haven’t watch the live action yet… but the anime movie is good

I kinda troubled, I gave it 10/10 but I also gave Koe no Katachi 10/10… it is hard to decided which is better

To be honest, I do think Koe no Katachi is better, is that’s because Koe no Katachi is complex

In the other hand, Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai, or I want to eat your pancreas is beautiful in its simplicity


I already talk about it, January 2nd… and I somehow didn’t really remember it, -,-

But today, this afternoon I watch it with my friends, kinda illegally -,- see, I am not proud of it okay, but there’s just no other way to watch it

I will support it in other way, like writing articles about it for example

So, Arya already asked me and Galih to watch this since last year, maybe around october or something. And finally we watch it together today.

Actually, we want to watch it yesterday, but because Arya is hard to contact, Galih want to watch it yesterday with me only… but well, that’s not as fun, so I postponed it to today

It’s more because I was so tired then because I want Arya to watch it together… but well, it sounds noble :v

So where were we again?

Ok, we went home today around 1PM, after a lot of socialization from colleges, which I will probably talk about tomorrow (I am too tired today)

I parked at school today, but Arya parked at Galih’s already, fun fact, I parked my motorcycle so poorly today, I parked it in the middle of the road so it’s kinda annoying… both for others, and me as well :v yeah, I late to school today

So we went to Galih’s kost, shared house?

And watch it together,

I learned from experience watching Maquela, I need to shut my mouth off watching together like this, it won’t be fun if I spoil it, even if that’s just my hypothesis of the story

It may make me look smarter, but nope, I tried so hard to keep my mouth shut

The thing is, I literary cried watching it, probably because I watch it alone

Today, we watch it together.

I, Arya and Galih, then in the middle of it, Wira come for some reason that idk

It’s hard to cry when there is people around… even though my eyes still kinda wet, and I feel like, shivering…

The thing is, I am the only one who praise that movie, Galih gave it 8/10 while Arya 9/10


Yeah this is really subjective

We are watching together, it remind me of last year, we watch Fate/Stay Night UBW Heaven’s Feel at Lippo Kuta with a lot of struggle :v

And one year later, we watch a film together again, not action, but drama… sounds kinda nice

Thinking about it make me sad, thinking that in 6 months we will be separated…

:’) we will not watch part 3 of heaven’s feel together :’) hopefully we can… let’s just see

Wira, no reason… just want to put it here

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