Kidnapping, Stranger and Wander to other island

YouTube recommended me another… good vid?

That vid touched one of my biggest anxiety to go study outside of my island

So, I’ve been living here in my shell, Bali for my entire life… 18 years

I have gone to Jawa before, but once in Junior High (late 2015) and of course, I didn’t grasp that much information about Jawa

Well, I didn’t exactly go to Surabaya nor Bandung that time, so I really don’t know the situation there

So after watching that vid. I asked the next best source (Other than the internet), that is a random group that I joined (I will talk more about this, maybe titled how snmptn/sbmptn brought student together or something)

PS. I just watched a vid by Vox about … I don’t want to talk about it

I am scared you know…

I heard a lot of news about bad stuff happen at Bandung and Surabaya

Well, I am aware there are a lot new about those two cities because… those cities are ‘bigger’ and have more things happen. You know something similar to survival bias

But still, one or two accident, still mean there are accidents!

This is one reason why I asked one of a college student that came to my school to socialize about their school… about (My English sucks again) the situation there

Well, they seem didn’t really get my anxiousness… so I elaborate, something like “is there goons there” or something like that

Well, their answer was… understandably vague…

My friend Anjay elaborate more about this topic… about football supporters, which often showed on news in negative ways… like a clash between supporters

That… is worrisome

Now I watch that vid (Above), my anxiety just raised again

I don’t know…

I know crime happens, and it happens everywhere without notice

But here in Bali… I do really feel safe, first and for most… I’ve been living here for 18 years without any major crime happen to me (Thank god)

PS. I remember one major crime happened near me, like, murderer? Not sure, the news was vague

I have this thing… OCD like symptoms

Every night, I will lock my doors, lock my windows, check my doors, check my windows, check my doors and so on… yeah OCD like behavior

I am afraid of crimes…

Now imagine how hard would my OCD like behavior became if I went to a place that I don’t know where with I don’t know who to help…

Basically… I am scared

Indonesian’s people are not that good at judging and being calm. Sometimes (a small proportion) of them are anarchist and love being vigilante

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