“Just like me you don’t want this time to just passed” Bondan & Fade2Black

When looking and researching for this post, a goodbye creation I played Bondan’s song on YouTube in the background

PS. Grammarly said good bye should be written as goodbye… weird grammar

Then I heard this sentences, “Ku yakin kau pasti sama dengan diriku, pernah berharap agar waktu ini tak berlalu” then suddenly I felt nostalgic and relatable in the same time, it struck me that’s what I wanna say

That’s literally one thing that held me up right now… Yesterday I even asked about it at Edufair event. “How do I get free from my old friends”

Btw, that sentence roughly translates to “I know, just like me, you once hope that time will just freeze”

Reflecting my old post, Do I need friend, I will answer it… Yes, I need them

The funny thing is… this is the song that I listen to in my Elementary school, I even used it as a base for a March song in School Boy Scout

But I didn’t really get the meaning of it, or at least my interpreation of the lyrics wasn’t deep enough

But today, my interpretation of this song is like… well, it feels like the song writer was in the same situation as I am right now…

Maybe my interpretation will change in the future, who knows… But this song was great, and still is great even today

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