I’ve finished reading my novel, it wasn’t that bad

Yesterday, I started reading my novel again, since… holy shit, Jan 3rd

I read the second half of the novel yesterday night, started from around 12 midnight, until something like 1:30 in the morning, kinda fast tbh

It wasn’t that bad, I kinda doubt myself reading my novel at first, I think that’s because the first half wasn’t great

I know why, because that’s the first few chapter that I ever write!

There’s this advice I got from the internet, basically, the first time you write a novel, don’t aim to finish it, aim to fail

wait, lemme find it for you
found it

I write a novel, I called it Gagal, which literary translate to Fail, and the main character’s name is, Ilfa, you know, derived from the word fail

And of course, that novel failed… I can’t continue past the first chapter… huft

That’s not actually my first novel, I’ve been writing novel since 8th grade… so you know how many times I’ve been failing? Actually, at least I can remember two

Then, I got an idea, I write recount-like text, plotting (The best part of writing novel for me) from start to finish

And I was like, wait, did I just wrote an outline?!!!

So yeah, then I expand the first outline, expand it again and currently I based my novel on the third draft of my outline

The plan was, and still is, write an outline, write a novel, revise the outline, revised the novel until the novel looks good

And I just finished the novel once :3 and I already publish it :3 because I do want people to read my first draft, for some reason

So yeah, I would give this first novel a 7 out of 10 rating, not bad, but not great as well… maybe I was just being nice to myself, but okay

I already have note all over my manuscript, and in the Drive Document alone, I already commented out a lot of line from the novel

So, I will revise start revising the novel now… hope me the best

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