I want to eat your pancreas

I want to eat your pancreas, no, I am not canibal. As far as I can tell at least.

But seriously though, I just finished watching this like 20 minutes ago (poop, then review, nice huh)

Well this is not actually a review, more of note to self but since Reia’s server is down I use my blog instead

(I hope I was joking, but I was only 70% joking)

You know Koe no Katachi? Basically that is one anime that I have been praised for the last, omg since 2016 and now is 2019 so … 4 years?! no, probably more like 2 years

But I love Kow no Katachi, or Silent Voice (it’s hard to type on phone, you know) because of its complexity

How it feels like a full cour worth of anime (12 episode, 23 minutes per episode) pack into 2 hours movie. Silent Voice have arcs that is so different yet connected

But now is about Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai

I love this film, for completely different reason. If I love Silent Voice because it is so complex, I love KimiSui because it’s so simple

Heck, the first 5 minute I already know the outcome!

Well, the anime film showed it, but still…

Oh yeah, this review(kinda) is about the film anime version, not the live action version since this is the only one I have watched

Silent Voice feels like 3 different novel pack into one film, this one feels like… well, one story

And not even a novel, usually a film would feels jam packed with the source material. But not for KimiSui, it really feels just like an adaptation of a short story

A cerpen if I want to use my Bahasa knowledge from school

This film anime is so simple, just a couple with some helping chara

Sound like ordinary movie, hmmm

Two main character and one side character, that’s it… that’s what I will count… and some other helping character as well actually but yeah, I should list their friend, family, and crush as well (vague huh)

Idk, the story feels just like short story adaptation instead of novel

Sidenote: I haven’t done any research of what the source material actually is, really.

There are some montage, thrown there and there somewhere, love triangle that I didn’t realized until I write this paragraph, and complex conflict

Just kidding…
The conflict is simple, a girl is dying because of her pancreas is shutting down
. Simple right?

And if you wonder where the title of this film come from, one email…

But where that combinations of letters and words come from? No idea, the title is just simply weird. Love it

I think the style of my writing doesn’t align nicely with dark tone of the film. But who cares anyway

Because I got an idea,
Am I too scared to share it here, actually yes, but I will just share it but keep it vague

A novel, about a diary, about a last year senior high student, who have big dream, got news that his life will end in just one and a half year

The inspiration is, well I, and you must have heard it all before. People that is in the brief of dying, can do anything (Which I experienced, in other form thankfully, firsthand)

So yeah 10/10 rating, finally a film that beat Silent Voice. By its simplicity

Oh yeah, that anti climax, is a big hits on me

And the ending, when the male lead finally cry… I cried as well, a medium cry, not just feels like crying, but literary crying, but not hard crying

But why I explained it? Idk, ask my brain or something. Probably forgot in couple second though.

I want them to have happy ending 😢

So while watching the film, the part where this one guy keep asking to share his gum… I immediately recognized something, something for my writing skill

In Koe no Katachi, they have this kind of simbolism, which mark the character development of the main chara

Surprisingly, both of these film character development is, about opening to other. Koe no Katachi using that risky X symbol, here using the gum sharing

And the after credit, it is used as… just watched and digest it yourselves, it is nice and heartwarming, a nice sub plot using simple gum

Need to implement that to my writing

And yeah, truth or dare. This film remind me, my classmates have played tod couple of times and I always refused to join because I always scared to play it. Maybe I can use it for my writing as well… An arc for disconnect nostalgia friendship arc? Weirdly specific, perhaps I will make it

Initially I wannt to make a video essay for my YouTube channel, but ended up with lots of thing learned

My friend, Arya… Keep begging me (Not me only actually) to watch it together on cinema since,, omg so long, maybe six months ago… damn

he was so happy when we find the release date in Indonesia, unfortunately it’s not played in Bali 😢

But I didn’t know that :v the ignorant piece of shit of me
In December, I keep telling them to watch it together, but keep postponing it. Until I had enough, I just watched it myself

Actually I have reason why I want to watch it alone, new post idea huh… one of which, is that I want to cry if I want to cry :v can’t do that with people around

The romance is good
Pacing is slow, but good
Conflict is good
Characters are great
Climax kinda insulting
Ending great
After credit great
Intro, I am hooked, but not good
side character, kinda useless but good
Overall, really good

Ok, what part should I insult next? The live action maybe

Oh yeah, the voice acting… in the beginning I feel distracted by the way they talk, but in the middle I feel their voice, and started to think her voice is kawai, her way of talking (That terbata-bata sound), her way of moving, Sakura is great… But Haruki doesn’t fit that voice

And oh yeah, the animation… is great, especially in the beginning… the animation is too fluid make it kinda distracting, but didn’t notice it toward the end

This concept remind me of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso a lot

Edit again, also Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

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