I prefer running than studying

Remember Deltalife?

Well, today suppose to be the first day I run Deltalife project, but well… I got a problem, studying sucks. And also I don’t have a good source to study, yeah, there’s also that

Ok, let’s first start it off by… how I solved the biggest point of failure for this project. How did I manage to wake up?

So I have this app called Alarmy since like a year ago, the principle is simple. When I wake up, instead of swiping to turn off the alarm, I have to do some math

Yeah, I have to solve math problem the first thing in the morning!!!

Well, I use 6th-grade level math… not that hard, except for the fact that you just woke up in the morning

The thing is, this way is not that effective. Because once I finish the math questions and the alarmy turned off, my body just get back to my bed and fell asleep

That happened a lot. Oh yeah, that’s quite scary because more often than not, I don’t really remember that happen. My body just moved on its own?!

Well, yesterday I tried to think of a way to solve it.

I figured the more movement that my body has to make during this awake but still sleeping state, the more chance I will have that my brain would work

So, I just moved my phone as far as possible from my bed to the opposite corner of my room, to be exact. So I will have to stand up and walk before I can turn the alarm down.

This has one throwback, I can’t use one app that I use to track my sleep, Runtastic Sleep Better.

But well, if I have a good nice sleep I don’t need to track my sleep (Also, I can buy smartwatches for this purpose)

Which btw, yesterday I didn’t… My mind just keeps going on and on and on, I forced to think of nothing so I can sleep, but that’s still thinking -,-

Well, so now I am awake, and aware -,-

That’s a nice word choice. Finally, my English got back, sleep is important for language skill… well of course

The time showed it’s 5 in the morning, I set my alarm at 4:40… and I have to get to school at 7 (While in reality I always get there at 7:20, late)

But, I don’t want to open my book. I love my personal space, my me time… I love darkness my old friend :v.

So instead of turning on the light, I just open my phone with intention to study using maybe Quipper or YouTube, maybe Math…

But well, I can’t seem to find the chapter I want to learn in Quipper. I think Quipper is not based on my books, on my national curriculum… seriously?!

But well, I already forced myself to study but can’t find a good source material to learn from…


But I still got plenty of time. Usually, at this time I still sleeping or maybe running/jogging at a field near my house

So time decide…

Study or Run… study wouldn’t take that much physical energy, but mentally it is exhausting.

On the other hand, Running will took a lot of my physical energy battery’s juices for today and also will took some mental energy. Well running is kinda an energy boosts if I don’t exhaust myself.

Hmm… studying is clearly better,

But well, of course… the title said it clearly. I chose running.

huft… Well, let’s say this is Deltalife phase 1 or something like that

PS.Well, while running Bayu found me, when he told my friends that I do jogging at school… I do running regularly -,- I mean I met Bayu several times already while running, why would you be surprised…

PS Also. Because the weather was cold, I wore my mother’s jacket (A police jacket)… and I kinda like it for running, I already use it since yesterday. But I looks nice on it, even while running (Yeah the picture above)

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