I need to change my Deltalife plan

Well, I need to keep track of my project’s progress

I dedicated this segment that I would call Progress for this purpose

Progress huh? Doesn’t really roll the tongue, maybe I need to find a better name… Delta? Maybe that would confuse people

I already can hear some people saying, what is the relation between Deltalife and Delta?

Hmm, no. Still not good enough

Maybe Rev like in Revision? Hmmmm

Delta… changes… differential? Okay, that sounds cool… let’s call it Differential for now

Ever since I introduced this aidya last week, I always had problems keeping up with my schedule. Like I prefer running instead of studying in the morning

As of now, I can only remember I do this project good enough twice, like this one… and of course just good enough, because I cheated

Running in the evening doesn’t really sounds that great for me. I think I just loved the fresh air in the morning, instead of the hot air in the evening

About sport, I also got PE Class in Thursday which would interfere with my current plan

5 AM Study, 5 PM Sport sounds really optimistic now isn’t it?

So I propose a change of plan…

I will do BOTH sports and studying in the morning, but I will prioritize sport higher

I will do studying maybe second, maybe first, or maybe I will study while running. Like, in the field I when I take some rest, I will watch a study vids

But studying is not my highest priority in the morning, that goes to sport

Studying will be my priority in my second best time, around 10 PM in the night

Usually, I use this slot for my main project, like programming, video editing, writing my novel, and even this blog

So now I will try to move those stuff to the day, or maybe in the evening (My least effective time)

This will mess up my works and projects. But I think Deltalife is already feels like my first priority now.

Does that sound optimistic? Yeah it is. But who cares…

Also, I am writing on my old notebook again now… typing here really took a lot of energy. So that’s why my writing sucks again here

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