I need self validation

Ok then,

I realized watching that vids, that… I want self validation

Looking at it, I already posted 30 post to this blog alone… I over worked

I feel good working, but at the back of my brain… I think, I just failing all over the place

I did that, I did it, but it really feels like, I am going nowhere

Is it a normal part of becoming an adult? If that so? I don’t feel like being one

Nah, that doesn’t sounds right

It remind me of last year, I don’t want that to happen again

Last year I fail miserably, then I started a big project without thinking about it

Then, more than half a year later, after a lot of sacrifice that I did, especially time… I failed

Project Letisha, feels like a failure

I know, from the very start, that Letisha doesn’t have a strong base… but I need validation, I need someone to say to me, ‘hey, good work’

I still am…

I want someone to praise me for the work that I’ve done,

I need someone to comment on my creation and say that I motivate them

Idk, I feels like, I am going no where

I hate studying, I love working, I … don’t know

Tomorrow I will go back to school, I will meet my friends again

But, after writing this post… idk,

Everything will be okay, times will fix it

I worked hard, but maybe time is my biggest tool to pass this … so called arc

I will be okay by tomorrow, I am like, 100% sure… hopefully

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